Best Portable Vaporizers of 2018


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Tu Hoang says:

I have question want ask you . Which you review product linx gaia vs flowmate v5 pro , do product active good?

Doopadoo Man says:

Are these for weed?

Maksim Makso says:

Why no firefly 2?

deeraw78 says:

Love your videos very informative I copped a few portable vapes based on your reviews my only gripe with most of these vapes is the super large chambers something the firefly 2 got right which is what makes it my go to device

Lavar Ball says:

Finally. A real review so you know how it smokes I had reviews talking about it but you don’t know how it hits

Goran Ramovic says:

This video feels rushed and it was made in 2004

Oliver Daking says:

im loving the nodding after every hit

Inglourious Buster says:

“Lotus, Tubo and Vapman vaporizers, brought to you by Lincoln Logs.”

Abdullah Marfak says:

Where you got the j hook piece for the elevat8r?? Is it 14mm??


MV1 over heats

Awaken says:

Any word on a new Ghost coming out for 2019?

The Vape Critic says:


Jean-Claude Chevrier says:

DON’t buy Grasshopper from Hopper labs. This product is good looking but it’s a PIECE OF CRAP.Mine has been in
Colorado for repair for 9 of the last 24 months. Needed to be serviced
three times in the first 6 months.Go to their Facebook page to see how
frustrated are their customers.


Yeah that’s just his mannerisms. That’s how he’s reacting to something good. He’s always nodding his head. That means he’s always positive thinking.

Krabby Patties says:


DJ H says:

What’s the ranking?

Danny Martinez says:

Can’t decide bros Airzer or starry

D says:

So which is the cheapsest and the best?

zvvden says:

Hi, quick question. Do you can get high with vapo if you packing 0.2 and hittig it 4 times? Xd

jqcj5 says:

I hate the head nodding after every pull in every video.

Albi L says:

What is He Smoking? Is it possible to get this amount of clouds out of weed??

revolucionarymerdo says:

Which on this list is good for herbs AND hashish?

Dejan Dekivic says:

But can you vape CBD oil with them?

Alex Lopez says:

Awesome video man! Your reviews were really helpful!

Catherine Green says:

Great presentation!!! But, I want some cheaper portable vaporizers…My friend once said FEELM is great, maybe next time we can do a pod system review!!!

Mark Laffey says:

Great video I now know no more than I did before the video

E.B.A.H says:

Ghost is amazing is just badly built. I had to get a refund after sending my 3rd one back in a month. The vapor and the quality of the vapor tho is incredible. I was getting huge clouds sometimes. It depends a lot on your draw speed. I’ve got a splinter coming. Hopefully it matches up

The Vape Critic says:

Missing sound is from some scumbag music company claiming copyright on my video

Wood Woman says:

Nice vid dude……it’s interesting that the more unique artistic vapes are lower in cost.

Cristina Medrano says:

Mv1 or mighty? I’m More concerned with healthy vapor

Matheus Almeida says:

Hey guys! Been smoking for a few years but im new to this vaping thing. I’m considering buying the Fury 2 or the XMAX Starry. My budget for this is really low and I want something portable. Any advice on these two options?

Amir Bourini says:

No Fury 2?

Sekaye Gaudet says:

Would you recommend the flowermate v5s or a boundless cfv

Kyle B. says:

The pen vap..he took a bong rip and then looked at the pen in his hand like was that about

jack Ken says:

also available in mute

Monsta Munch says:

I don’t get all the hype in the comments about the Mighty, it doesn’t even make my personal top 3. I’d love to try the Grasshopper but reliability and poor customer service seem to be big issues.

Doopadoo Man says:

Are these for weed?

Arnaud Jean says:

Hi thanks for your great reviews but Nothing about (portable) the CloudV electro enail ?

Ralph C says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, airvape is the best! Nice videoo. Very informative!

HAQx . org says:

he reacts how CJ used to act after eating anything in san andreas 😀


I have the mighty and ghost mv1..
I don’t use the mighty anymore the ghost is much more potent and flavourfull..I used to own a volcano too and the ghost hits me more than that too.

Bruno Rönnebeck Gulino says:

All these are for herbs?

Daniel Terci says:

What vape would you recommend? Arizer Solo 2 or Mighty? Thanks!

Ash A says:

I have iq , plenty , solo 2 , is the ghsog mv1 worth buying and adding to collection

Mikey Dough says:

Are these dry herb vaporizers?

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