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Graham walkingshaw says:

you says your best vapes last a hour to 45 minutes buddy id get some decent vapes mine lasts 3 days and 3 nights before needing charged vaping at 20 w

Lee Greenan says:

I like your selection and variety of products. If you’d like a few recommendations on how to better educate users I’m happy to share. Thanks for sharing! Lee

I Love To SW&TF says:

you have the problem with microphone mate .

Mike says:

3:50 Why did you put the text box up and not link the review? Also I cannot find the link to your review in the description.

Dude, we are a generation of GIVE IT TO ME NOW. If I need to look on your channel to see something then it’s not gonna happen.
If you gonna text box that shit, llink it.

If you say it’s in the description then make sure it is please

Bong on friends

Balithazzarr says:

As far as the vaporizers, I haven’t tried any of them and have only heard of the pax and the flight box. It’s interesting to see volcanoes has a portable. That is is familiar name. That is a lot of options, but I think the most attractive yet is the magic flight box. I read their company has good rep, and the piece looks very cleanable. Very pocket friendly, and very creative. Plus it’s been out a while so they score points for pioneering. 
They are some company in California, so you don’t have to give your money to snoop dog who woke you up for years when his damn girls gone wild documentary woke you up in the morning. I have never vamped in my life so somethings better than nothing. I’m in the market mostly for something that will conserve my weed better. Since I am an actual pipe smoker of fine quality tobacco from a pipe tobacco shop, I’ve just been putting my weed in a wood pipe and it does the job but it’s the most wasteful method I’ve ever had to use.

FinalVertex says:

how can vaporizer be sexy? or did you mean You would be sexy sucking that thing? lol

Jessica Collin says:

Which are non combustion?

xyz says:

whats the best device to buy for full time vapeing?

GIDO74 says:

Excellent review, i am new to this and il give you my list so you can guide me further as a newbie please.
Crafty Best but unaffordable
Firefly 2, Great speck, just to pricey

So out of these??? For dry dry medium use.
Airvape XS Good price
Alfa Vaporizer Great price
K Vape Mico DX Size and speck

Thank you

Lucy Deane says:

We get it, you vape.

Non è un canale per vecchi. says:

best herbal vape. easy cleaning best ratio herb/value, range from 80 to 150 EURO?

donnie brasco says:

where did you get your prices i paid 160 for my solo and when my solo is low on battery i can plug it in and keep going and you can put it in a cup and the best is you dont smell nothing so under 200 buck the solo is the best and you can cap the bottom of the glass and load glass with you

Michael battle says:

quit worrying about his hands lol

The Vape Critic says:


Kc D says:

his hands talk too much

Paul Gardner says:

wheres atmos vicod?????????????????????????

mike thegodson says:

Very nice. I like the way you broke it down. Thank you.

SDB Montréal says:

Thank for the reviews. do you have test The DaVinci Ascent

TxDan100 says:

So you are only talking about smoking weed .. juvenile.. Fail

Julio Rodriguez says:


Sara N says:


g0phuckyourself says:

If you were stuck on a desert island and you only had a gram of the finest bubonic chronic and 1 vaporizer and you realized that your legs were broken and help would never arrive in time, the sun is beating down on you and you’re in agony as minutes turn into hours you begin longing for the cold embrace of death to end your torment….which vaporizer would you want with you and why?

Winnie W says:

Nice review! BTW, do you know the Black Mamba dry herb vaporizer? Heard they are very popular now, but i can’t find anything about it on google. Can you help?

Harleylover14 says:

They’re all so ugly :/

Jason Ramirez says:

Good review!

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