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My review of the best portable vaporizers of 2016 around $100.

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Believe. says:

I have the Flowermate Mini for about a year now and I love it. laying here baked with some Space Queen right now. I want to get a desktop but not sure which one to get. Gotta be a cheap one though.

LB says:

CF best of the bunch ? Would an Arizer Air best all of these ?


How are the cleaned, do they offer different mouth prices if you’re sharing & what are the pros $ cons in maintaining it PLEASE & THANKS

Radioactive Man says:

Do you know the Black Mamba? Or XVAPE Vital? Maybe an opinion? Or a review in the future?
Thank you for your very interresting videos!

keith rovere says:

got the Boundless a few weeks ago from watching your review. Couldn’t be happier! It’s definitely a step up from the Flowermate Mini I had. Thanks !

Lewy Pierson says:

I sent you and email, not sure if you still have the same one.. I had an Alfa and it broke yesterday. I need a replace to ASAP! Will I like the boundless? Love the short draw of the Alfa.. Clouds were great but it got real hot. By issue with it was that it filled up with oil/residue inside because the airflow was not isolated.

Dov Tov says:

I took your advice and purchased the Flowermate a year ago, and I am still in love.

Simon Webb says:

How would you compare an Atmos Boss to what you have reviewed as I’m looking for another?

Nishan M says:

What about doing a best desktop vapes for 2016?? Or do you have any high end suggestions?

Erick Erick705 says:

You look like Ben Affleck lol

A delicious steak says:

Appreciate the info. The Ceres vaporizer is actually on sale right now for $20 off and free shipping through their website, coming to $40 bucks even.

MrKingOfNever says:

Are you planning to do a full review of the Ceres Zero?

joshua sanders says:

It’s not your marijuana that taste bad? is it the plastic and rubber that your tasting once it’s heated?

Dr.Wobbuffet says:

I know you brought up the Crafty but I was looking into the Pax 2. would you recommend and of these over it? it’s not like I’m not willing to drop the money on a quality rig, I’m just not a vaping enthusiast and wonder if i’m just buying a name you know?

Tyler says:

As for Vapor quality would you say all of these are better than the magic flight launch box?

Deez Mutts says:

I like the vaping thing but many people who do it or have been doing it act like fucking snobs.

Justin Rosario says:

would u get the new g pen elite if it was 70 bux over these units?

T Black says:

Good to see you get to the CF Boundless man. I like mine but its the only portable I own that is a little smelly. A bit more than most. Vapor is fairly good and heats up right away. Draw resistance is no prob at all. I hear you on the temp. I only fuck with the first two settings.

Konig Frederick says:

5.0S is a tank! I’ve dropped mine on cement floors so many times and after almost 2 years it’s still going strong.

growing heart says:

thank you! I got the cf! best videos out there!

AE23 says:

I’m so overwhelmed I have no clue which vape to get. I wanna spend up to 100 and I want one that kind of hides the smell. Any suggestions?

timspellman47 says:

I have the arizer air would u say the boundless is as good as the air?

Mario F. says:

It’s nice to finally see you without the shades on. Keep on with the awesome content 🙂

Will Narins says:

Can you do a full review of the xmax? Looks really promising and it’s currently on sale so I can get the xmax and the glass mouthpiece for $70.

growing heart says:

I would really appreciate another boundless cf product review!
love the videos
thank you!
@the vape critic

Lewy Pierson says:

Boundless vs Alfa? Which and why?

Sungodv says:

No Summit? While I’m limited in portable usage, I do love the Vapium and bought based primarily on your review. The Plus is new and doesn’t cost any more than the original.


whats next? The dildo critic?

Chris Bluey says:

Now that the price of Pax 2 is lower, would you suggest a Pax 2 or a Boundless CF?

Jenise Flora says:

great video just starting with vaping you helped me a lot there’s 2 here I’m going to try the flower mate and the Boundless cf I will come back and tell you what I think.your review made it to were I can get two Vapes for the price I was going to spend on one thank you.

Nathan Smith says:

and u don’t include the focus on here whyyyy?

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