Best Portable Vaporizers 2017


Max counts down his top 5 portable vaporizers for 2017. Last year was a huge year for the portable vaporizer industry, with many notable releases in the last half of 2016.

If you’re looking for a great dry herb vaporizer in the new year, then look no further than our top picks for 2017.



PAX 3:



At Australian Vaporizers we care about quality and want you to make the most informed decision possible. Please keep in mind that all reviews are based purely on our personal opinions and anecdotal experiences, as well as those of the many customers we interact with on a daily basis.

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Austkrr b says:

Why don’t these videos ever show the vapourisers dirty? Show it how it is

Ic37r011 says:

You don’t want a ton of “vapor” with flower it is different. When you see a considerable amount of anything there is light combustion (smoke). You want to have a very light barely visible mist. This is a misconception people have with flower. My lungs are very sensitive and I can tell a difference when I go too far with it.

goosebumper88 says:

No mention of the grasshopper?, size of a pen, 3 second heat up time and a swap out battery and out of the box fits a 14 mil. It is the ideal herb vape

Samuel Martin says:

For cleaning the Arizer Air, I usually put the glass pipe (without the plastic) in boiling water with a tiny drop of milk, it works perfectly.

Tomasmoravia says:

Arizer Solo 2! Check that out!

LeeY says:

Do you have any experience with Atmos vicod 5G+ , Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science , and Atmos vicod?

Nicolaas Bosma says:

what’s the worlds best hands free desktop vaporizer?

lopaka51 says:

Another great review. Your very first review of the Mighty, enjoying it ever since. Thanks and stay lit.

VapeLife Will says:


Camryn Porter says:

How do you know these are the best portables for 2017 when it has just started? And most of these weren’t even released in 2017 anyway…

Oliver Wat says:

Does anybody have an opinion on The Shotgun vape by Myster?

Masra Plays says:

how did i get from a german vape channel to this one? o.O XD
what ever you got a sub 😀

Oxygorjia X says:

What about the solo 2???

BaxterBully says:

Just a warning to everyone – DaVinci IQ is a mess. Major issues with bad batteries and poor / no charging. Tons of complaints and dead units out there. I purchased two and both were faulty. Ended up in the trash.

Justin Macklin says:

Someone who has seen those “monq” thongs getting around I thought I’d look into it. Wow, you can find stimulating and sedating fluid to put in them – I’m sold I said. So I watched this and thought hell yes this mighty vapouriser at spot 1 is the one for me. Might be like… On hundred bucks, maybe a hundred and twenty.

… So try half a grand!! And that’s cheap for it!! I’m looking to educate myself but no idea where to start.

Kevin says:

PAX’s 10 yr warranty is kind of misleading. It’s 10 year, or until the next model is released. If you have a PAX 2 that breaks, they cant replace it because they dont make it anymore, but will give you credit towards the purchase of a PAX 3.

TDK Delta says:

“Waay back in 2012” jesus christ don’t scare me like that.

PC-Hardware says:

what’s about the firefly 2 ?

NicolSD says:

I’ve got an Arizer Air and a DaVinci IQ. The IQ offers the best experience of the two but that comes at a price. The thing gets bloody hot by the end of a 10 minute session, and it must be cleaned every 3 sessions.

As for the heat, I spoke with a rep from DaVinci and they are designing a silicon sleeve for all of us with an IQ (I love how that sounds). I have no idea when and how requests will be fulfilled.

Marc Gonzalez says:

keep up the great work, love the way you relate each product to its manufacturer and their history of products etc. So much info I feel well informed after watching 🙂 thanks again 😀

Mike says:

Great review. I love my IQ and Pax 2 but can honestly say, I do prefer the mighty as well. It’s definitely on the high price side but quality vapor like no other it does produce. Really impressive.

Sandip Singh says:

which one is best for concentrates?

Cur1ous 238 says:

+Australian Vaporizers how would you rate the Boundless CFC?

Danny Mo says:

Hi mate is the focusvape pro any good for economy and taste?

mr twollock says:

why so many air bubbles in your wall paper?

John van maren says:

buy a mini vap and your setteld for the next 5 years.

DJ Littahman says:

He sounds like clarence before he fucked himself up

ShaktiX says:

OMG why does the pax 3 cost nearly as much as a volcano? lol

Slix Tocsik says:

Why not mention the Firefly 2????

ExotiC FrequencY says:

I want to get the mighty!! I have a g pen right now and its okay but I feel like the oven isn’t kicking like it usually is. maybe in the future I will think about getting the mighty

Nate Marinate says:

Great video , pro quality reviews

Terence Francis says:

“Lost Yeeah”?

Slix Tocsik says:

Forgot Firefly 2

Phil Thomas says:

it didn’t… cut the mustard?

Increased Elevation says:

but its February…………. whaaaa?

Jessika Vasconcellos says:

My friend, what is the best airistech vap model?

Sepehr Lali says:

I’m really shocked you haven’t included firefly 2! I was literally about to place my order until I saw this. Now I’m more confused than ever! Firefly 2 vs Mighty vs divinci iq vs haze v3. Please I beg of you help me choose!! (I use both herb as well as Concentrates, not rich but money’s not a factor, really put off by defect mighty, don’t like having to stir the bowl on the firefly, not sure if iq does concentrates?? And the haze v3 just doesn’t seem as respected as the rest) please give me your thoughts

Jaycee says:

Also what is the best vape for a small load for a small price?

Michael R says:

how does the Flowermate V5.0 Pro compare to those one in the video?

Terence Francis says:

Articulate and impressive.

deltatoofow says:

I used a q7 for first time use,I think it’s time for an upgrade what do you recommend ,thanks

Zander says:

What about Grenco science?

funfang says:

Mighty is hands down unbeatable, every time im with people all other vapes end up on the table. Had it 2 years and the only gripe is the details on the label on the back is too easy to scratch off thus losing the SN number, so make a note of it if you get one

Jeremy Shusman says:

why does nobody review the side kick from 7th floor vapes in any of these videos?

Keemstar Love 420 says:

I heard Mighty breaks very often.

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