Best Dry Herb Vaporizer – Better Value than G Pen Elite Or Pax 2 – Portable Vape Review Award Winner

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer – Portable Vape Award Winner – Beats G Pen Elite + Pax 2 – Vaporizer Review – New dry herb vaporizer that beats out the super hyped G Pen Elite vaporizer and Pax 2 or 3 models.

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This new marijuana vaporizer is $100 cheaper than top models, comes with a lifetime warranty, rips super hard and clean, has a massive ceramic packing chamber, comes with Goodies, is super easy to use (only 3 buttons), looks very sharp, is as portable as any vape can get, and has a fast heat up time (demonstrated in the video) with an LCD screen for exact temperature control.

The dry herb vape we’re talking about is the Kandypens Miva.

The Kandypens Miva wins our best buy vaporizer of the year award for flying under the radar while providing as good if not a better vaping
experience than other more expensive and hyped vape models.

Have a look at our full Kandypens Miva review at or:



Illschoolya04 says:

I’m pretty sure kandypens just orders loads of nokiva vapes from china and rebrands them as Miva vapes. that being said I ordered a nokiva online the other day for like $25 and if it’s the same thing I suggest not wasting money on the Miva and getting nokiva instead. I will update this when it comes

HhhCreative online tips says:

Haha Kanye would vape this!? Not sure Kanye rips but I’d for sure say Jay Z would rip the Miva.

Zu Islam says:

Does this Miva only work with dry herb? What about if I throw some concentrates on top of my herb?

partypickle2012 says:

Will my dorm room smell like weed if i get one of these?

Mominur islam says:

Took your advice and went ahead and ordered this bad boy last week after seeing the review on your site. Kandypens does solid work so I’m sure this rig rips tight. Plus it looks super clean like you said.

Djean Brown says:

Lol looking for pens seen ass heard your voice and gullable i am but w.e

uqp12 As says:

LOL i got roped in cuz of the blonde as well. Damn she fine.

Top 10 says:

Idiots. Those hot blondes aren’t going to be ripping a vape. But shiiiiiit I was hoping too

megla khatun says:

Does the lifetime warranty come from Kandypens or from the actual retailer? If I buy this I gotta know that warranty is for sure real. Especially if it’s considered a value buy.

Jakan Islam says:

What type of nugs you smoking in that anyways?

joke jon says:

^The lifetime warranty comes from KandyPens. They are legit and one of the biggest manufactureres of vaporizers out there so I’m sure you can bank on it. I’m actually now considering going after the Miva now. Was going to go Pax 3 but reviews are saying it’s over priced which would make sense. I just checked and the Miva falls under $200 so with a warranty and that sleek design and seeing it’s Kandypens I bet this is a steal.

amanda Mitchell says:

what’s the difference between the airistech nokiva vape pen?

habib megla26 says:

What models ya’ll reviewing next? Would love to see a Crafty review.

WarTurtle007 says:

This vape beats firefly 2?

Gxxu Ckjsz says:

Are you doing a review on the Pax 3? Been hearing that name non stop.

Reme Islam says:

Like it in the red for sure!

Sun Moon says:

^^^^^^ haha that kanye line got me in tears.

pinke akter says:

The Kandypens Miva is simply fire. I work at a smoke shop and we get free products all the time and I can way it is honestly one of the best out there.

NovusCigi says:

You put out good content, you need to upload more

Jan Baba says:

yeeeeee where them broads at?

jomjom akter says:

You guys have a great site. The only review site that’s not recommending just the most expensive vape models. You have my following for it!

tash p says:

Might be silly question would this work ok with hash

Labbaik Computer says:

How much is the Miva anyways?

Nahid Tonmoy says:

LOL that Kanye reference. For sure!

Aaron Albaugh says:

What would you recommend for a good starting vape?, I currently have the g pen (the first one), but I’m looking to get a better one soon…i also am looking into getting a better e-cig vape and a legit vape for wax

habib megla33 says:

Whos that smoking hot girl in the background on that calendar thing

Farhad Din says:

Best dry herb vape pen dollar for dollar? I can believe it.

Akon char2 says:

Would you recommend the Miva over the Pax 2?

Vanessa Del Gato says:

$200.00? Sheet.

Habib 12 says:

Why is nobody talking about the blondes on the cover? Where are they?

Labbaik Computer says:

I’d smoke with Kanye. He a funny ass dood.

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