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Lee Scott says:

I’m basically a new smoker, I’d like a really good unit eventhough I don’t plan on smoking more than 2x a week. Portability is not an issue. I was going to go with the FM v5 0s Pro Mini, or the Solo, or the Air. Which would you pick.

TDVlogs The diamond vlogs says:

just got the solo you need to heat the unit up so the glass stems fit correct

Eclipso Zombie Slayer says:

Idk in my opinion the pinnacle pro is the shit!

Marcelo Furtado says:

Someone help me! I got my solo today and the box didn’t come with the white sticker where the warranty number should be. Is this normal? Is it possible that mine is a fake one? By the way, mine is a M1T

p0rt0b0y says:

Love this vape. The best portable on the market in my opinion. Thanks for all the reviews man, your a natural.

The Vape Critic says:

+Phuc-An Nguyen – but how do you quickly turn it on and off then?

Wilt Williams says:

Ascent or the Solo ? What do you think is the best portable vaporizer who you can carry in your pants?

Hypster Nautica says:

Awesome sidekick for my Arizer Extreme Q. The hits are actually better than the EQ but I’m chronic and need a LARGE bowl-oven. Definitely worth the money.

JoshTheBoss says:

Can you do oils with this, with a hack perhaps??

Grayson Elder says:

I hear pax is best for sleekness and portability, but solo is best as for as vape quality. Would you agree?

Eclipso Zombie Slayer says:

Shits on my g pen hahaha!!

Bill Barnes says:

By the way, you CAN vape while charging with the new versions.

CBLHouseOfFun says:

Can you use this for hash or wax?

S.A K. says:

love my solo,can’t wait to get home from work every day

Ihaveausernametoo says:

Fantastic reviews. Though I’ve only heard of people saying you can use it while charging, also says on their webpage.

Friend Man says:

This vape changed my life. Tobacco can fuck right off

LasVegasHighRoller says:

Here’s my dilemma. I’ve watched a dozen of the reviews of the Arizer and they say it’s portable. But no one mentions where the stem is stored when not in use . Is there a secret opening on the vaporizer where it hides (like where the mouth piece is on the Pax)? If it doesn’t, then I don’t think it would be very portable (at least for me). I’m looking for something I can put in my pocket and go.

pitbrand says:

I have Tool – Lost Keys playing when I hit play on this, and it works.

The Vape Critic says:

glad u like it i think it’s good too i just have a hard time recommending it as a good ‘portable’ vape, i dont think it’s good for leaving the house with, but around the house it’s great, thank for posting stay up!

Jimmy Chadwick says:

Thanks. You impress me as being somebody who’s being honest, and as somebody who knows what he’s talking about––not bullshitting.

kuhlurz Rosario says:

Are you gonna do an Arizer Air Video ?

antofoshox17 says:

You have a strong Chicago accent. Are you from Chicago?

Pavel Vodnar says:

its not portable

Godwashere09 says:

just ordered mine today 🙂 so excited to get it. to bad i cant use it due to probation. 

The Vape Critic says:

+dbl dee RE: “How would you compare with the pax ploom? Which portable unit would you rate highest?”

I rate Pax a little higher because it’s more of a true portable vape, it’s very convenient to carry around and easy to use on-the-go. The Solo is a bit larger, bulkier and heavier, and has that glass stem sticking out, so I rarely if ever leave my house with it, I consider it a good ‘cordless’ home vape. 

Performance-wise they’re fairly similar, good vapor production and it’s more comfortable than most others.

+F YOUTUBE, RE:”Are you supposed to hold this sideways? Just wondering how you stop the herb from falling inside the machine or something”

The herb chamber is actually like a solid cup, the few holes in the bottom of it are very tiny so no material falls through, so you can usually use it held in any direction you just need to make sure the glass stem doesn’t start to come out. 

Friend Man says:

This was the review that made me get a Solo 3 years ago, I used it every day and it still works like the day I got it. Always make sure the battery is completely dead before charging and it lasts forever. I dropped it on concrete on a corner and it didn’t even dent. I got a Plenty today so it’s gone into hibernation for a while but I don’t hesitate to recommend the Solo highly if you’re thinking of getting one

Save your AVB and stem gunk

p0rt0b0y says:

You might have been a little too high my friend lol

mclovin9151 says:


The Vape Critic says:

+theNEGROMAN performance-wise? solo is better, other main difference is that this vape is battery powered and iolite is butane powered

+Topspeed325 hey thanks, hope you’re diggin it!

+xOverDoseKiLLas – Firefly but solo is good too

+LasVegasHighRoller yes exactly, this vape isn’t “portable” in that sense, which i count as one of its drawbacks, it’s more of a “cordless” home unit — best vape to put in pocket and go is a pax

UrAverageDude1 says:

Does it leave a smell in rooms after use? I’m trying to buy so I can vape indoors

Topspeed325 says:

Got one and u explained it perfectly. You must be in sales, if not…hurry and get going. You are a natural.

905 says:


TDVlogs The diamond vlogs says:

just got the solo you need to heat the unit up so the glass stems fit correct

Ana Aguilera says:

What kind of grind works best? Whats your recommendation? Thank You!

UltimateEnd0 says:

This is a truly legendary portable vape. It’s a cheap, durable, clean tasting vape that produces consistent, thick vapor clouds for years.

Phuc-An Nguyen says:

The arizer solo is very portable with some cleverness. I carry mine around in a 32oz plastic fast food place cup and use the stock stem as my straw. No one ever bats an eye at it regardless  that it’s glass + extra big compared to a regular straw

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