Arizer Solo 2 Portable Vaporizer Review | Better than the best?

From the makers of the first Solo comes a competitor for one of the best personal vapes of 2017, the Arizer Solo II. Same great shape, sleek design and built from the same lasting materials, but now hits harder and creates a purity of flavour that many other systems can’t touch, all while being a little more compact. If you loved the original Arizer Solo, then get ready for the latest innovations on the instant classic. Operation and packing haven’t changed much. Why fix what isn’t broken, but for the latest features on the next big step in personal vapes, watch our review above or read on below.

So what’s new? What could have possibly been improved? Well, for starters, the range of information you get delivered to you has increased. Where there was a set of LED lights to gauge your temperature, there is now an LED screen, allowing for full digital temperature control. Battery power has also been improved. As opposed to standard USB chargers, the Arizer Solo II now only needs 3 hours maximum to reach a full charge, but, if you’re at a push, the Arizer’s efficiency means it can be used straight away the second it’s plugged in.

Convection and conduction heating allows for amazing performance with dry herbs, and a combination of a pair of glass stems or an aromatherapy dish means you have your choice of a classic, clean smoke or an enhanced, modified and personalized flavour. Cleaning the system is also no problem at all, just by removing all of those loose herbs and swapping the inside of the stainless steel chamber with some rubbing alcohol.

When buying the system, you get the Arizer Solo II vaporizer, two glass stems of different size for choice, arromafying lavender potpourri, a metal pick for cleaning and mixing, and finally a carrying case.

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Bobby O'Neil says:

Is there a vaporizer that compares to the megatoke but doesn’t use combustion

Daniel Levine says:

I still prefer the Dynavap or even the FF2…. I need those higher borderline combustion vapors!

Greg Stroud says:

Good Job MAx, well done mate!

Karl Morris says:

Nice review! I take it the battery cannot be replaced? I have the Solo and about to buy a new battery so was wondering if the batteries are the same?
Cheers Karl.

purple rain says:

Another quality vape from Arizer, but there isn’t enough improvements over the original Solo or even the Air. It’s basically just a slimmer Solo with a digital display, but the Air is already slim and has improved draw resistance so IDK what is the point of getting this over the Air. Even newer Solos have the redesigned heating chamber so it’s not worth the $170-200 to upgrade IMO. The Air is also superior since you can simply swap out the batteries and it’s much slimmer and discrete than the Solo I and II, and even has cool mouth pieces with plastic tips.

Johnny H says:

is there any restrict on the airflow?

truthnfreedomseeker says:

How does the Solo II perform with less sticky herbs (blue lotus, wild lettuce etc.)? Do they fall out of the bowl? Thanks!

Blake Wilson says:

I’ve had my arizer solo 1 for 3 years now, I’ve hit hit every day for 3 years and it’s still running great. Arizer makes amazing products.

Danny Mo says:

Have seen used both solos and the air also. Metal screens always needed in arizers imo due to blockages of tiny holes. Solo 2 is way overpriced compared to older models that do the same,don’t bother unless you want an LCD screen with a menu

toca mi says:

solid review. thanks

M says:

This or the mighty????

Cody Oliver says:

Great video and awesome review!! Just got my Solo 2 delivered today from you guys!! Can’t wait to fire it up tonight!

Sandip Singh says:

Better then pax 3?

Purple Kush says:

Great review! 😀
It would be cool if u do a review of the new hydrology 9?…looks kind of interesting but i dont know if it works that great 😛

holiboys says:

Solo 2 or the Mighty?

Hans Wurst says:

as always great video man!! its nicely structured and comfortable to watch.

Maybe you can do one more little improvement: Try to establish a rating for every category.
For example: “Taste gets a 8 out of 10”
Of course its not that easy to be always neutral. But this would definetly help to compare the vaporisers with each other. Personally i would like to know how it performs in comparison with the mighty (i own this one). At the moment your expressions are to vague to really help in this term.

93atab says:

how long would you say the full charge lasts?

Mike says:

Excellent review!

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