AirVape XS Vaporizer Review – Dry Herb Portable under $200

My Full Review of the AirVape XS Portable Vaporizer

Read my review here:

When I say “Best Portable under $200” I’m referring specifically to battery-powered vapes that can fit in your pocket.

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h7opolo says:

13:15 yes, the bane of vapers’ existences, when the vape ghosts it.

David Webb says:

The buttons look like they will be pushed in over time.

MelechAharon says:

vapcap is the portable under $200.

Kevin Briseno says:

is the case smell proof?

Denz says:

Another great review by the one and only Vape Critic. Love watching your videos man.

Butta Stackz ™ says:

Any chance we are gonna see a megatoke XL review?

Adam Rebel says:

Dope AF.

Dopey 1 says:


st ass says:

i love this picture behind you! 😀 <3

Emcee Schwartz says:

Sounds good imma upgrade to this my no2 has been good to me but its seen better days. Thanks for the reviews over the years

tbobsleding says:

Summit+ review?

g0phuckyourself says:

Hail Satan!

Spc Bitcoin says:

The case should be included.

Salvador Medina says:

Airvape XS or Boundless CFX? Really want to start enjoying my greens on the healthier side and I’m stuck between this one and the CFX. Both around my price range just wondering which will give me the most bang for my buck?

Mykie TheCriminal says:

Better then the lift?

danigeo83 says:

i am new to vaping and new to herbal use in general (my doctor finallt gave me a persceiption) if i dont smoke it all in one go is it okay to store the herb in rhe chamber until your next session?

The Hun says:

Watching this and puffing on the Arizer Air

Sungodv says:

vapium plus?

chris salinas says:

Hey I’m in the market to get a new vape. I love my solo and am up in the air between the davinci iq or the solo 2. What do you recommend

MrJimodoom says:

Same cleaning method, but instead of water use a little Isopropyl alcohol or other similar solvent will get it shiny clean

Teddy V says:

when you compare it to the mighty pros and cons?

Desockme says:

The mouthpiece is very close to the oven. is the air hot in each hit?

Donn Patton says:

Excellent detailed review. I think I need this one.

Kinder Schok says:

can i micro dose with that vaporizer?

esta canail says:

i clicked on the link to read your review and that shown up: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED
what can i do to read it???

HoobaBros says:

FIRST !!!!  Great review 🙂 says:

Awesome review!

jsnowbrien says:

what’s the best portable Vape with removable 18650

David Pollock says:

thanks for the updates

Graham Leslie says:

This or davinci iq?

timspellman47 says:

I think every vape should have a 10 minute session. In my experience the material is almost perfectly vaped in that amount of time.

Tyler says:

Will you be doing a review on the Hydrology9 Vaporizer by Cloudious9? Really really interested in that product, but skeptical.

John Davis says:

Hey Bud, can you answer a few questions for me? I just want to be clear. When you clean it, do you take to mouth piece OUT and use a wet cotton swab in the ceramic chamber on high? Also, what are your session temp and times ((2 five minutes?), draws (7-12each or total?)). I just want to make sure I don’t damage the inside with a wet swab. Also, I want to get the full use of my material without over doing it. Sorry, this is my first vaporizer.

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