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moocow6699 says:

Yeah, if you bought this from their website you really got ripped off.
They charge 170 USD but the exact same vape is 37.80 from another website if you google it. It’s labeled the VS2.

Anthony Malibu says:

Hey Critic, how do you compare this one to the Alfa? worth to spend the extra cash?

Jaymar Jones says:

I like this one… It was a choice between PAX 2 and Airvape.. I chose Airvape for its fast heating time and superb vapor. Thank you. One happy airvaper here!

VapeLife Will says:

Sweet vape, Bud. Thanks 🙂 VLB

RobClayJoker says:

I’m just gonna keep asking you to please review the sublimator until you do

yout00b says:

was this an authentic airvape XS or a knockoff? the logo says VS

zrhassberg says:

Would you recommend purchasing this vape or the newer Astral? Both are currently dropped in price to $100.

kerpal321 says:

how do the hits compare to the mighty vaporizer ?

dope dongus says:

review the vc35g

Onixpected (DeFy Touch) says:

Titan-3 or Sonic V2 rebrand that you can get for very cheap on Alibaba. That being said, it’s not necessarily bad, but there are cheaper ways to get your hands on one instead of buying an AirVape.

Julian Armijo says:

Have you tried out the xmax vital? Low end vape but preforms great, comparable to the PAX

forzaazzurri101 says:


How do you compare this to the crafty/mighty?

Julius Caesar says:

My friend has the Pax but just last week he switched to this. Now i know why. Thank you Vape Critic for the review! I’m going to turn over my old vaporizer for AirVape… Taking good hits soon! Booyah… 🙂

MelindaBane says:

Question: Does any herbal  crumbs or dust fall through the holes in the bottom of the oven part?

Rico Recklezz says:

Hey im looking foward to buying my first vape but i would like to know out of the following three which one would last me a long time and which one do you recommend.
G pen pro
V2 series 3
Atmos rx

Alex Castillo says:

How does this compare to the Flowermate V5.0s

Mark Stoneberg says:

My favorite was the Davinci, but always bothered me that it was a little too big when I put it in my pocket, and heard that there are much faster heating vaporizers out there. I just wanted to look around.Went to a vape store in west Hollywood , and it turns out that Airvape and Pax is the easiest to carry around because those have the thinnest shape. Pax was 279 I was considering buying it, but then I was thinking Airvape has Lcd for exact temperature, and it heats faster. Oh and it was 169.

Tried it for a week and to be honest I am amazed how this small device is hitting so good, and tastes good. Before Davinci I had atmos, still have it, and I was impressed with it, then I realized that it is burning the herbs so that is when I looked further. It is definitely less money consuming if you choose right at first:)

kotobide says:

This is a Re branded VS2 if you look @ 3:55 you can see the VS logo

Anthony H says:

will you review the elevape sv?

Emanuel Hargrove says:

just ordered one so looking forward to using it I had the titan2 and it was straight thanks for the review

thatlookscool says:

Will you be reviewing the Grasshopper?

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