WHY DID THEY SEND ME THIS? Magicbox S Mini Vaporizer for CBD Review

The Magicbox S Mini Oil Vaporizer was sent to me for the purposes of this review from Vangecco.

Magicbox S Mini Oil Vaporizer for CBD Review

The Magicbox S Mini Oil Vaporizer is intended for oil. This review of the Magicbox S Mini Oil Vaporizer is for educational purposes only. No illicit substances were used as is explained in the video. This product is intended for those of legal age in their states. This channel does not promote or encourage the use of any other substances with the Magicbox S Mini Oil Vaporizer.

Link to research the Magicbox S Mini:

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The Magicbox S Mini is one of the lightest and smallest portable stealth vaporizers intended vaping oil use on the market.


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Nutrition First says:

Guys, if you are buying CBD oil, it is really important that you get the best quality. People using it for different reasons and you want to make sure that CBD will work. We are offering the worlds best quality from Austria.

Vickie Pralley says:

Would be really good discreet device for cbd for pain.

SMILEY says:

Yo Steam, who are the Lux winners? BTW I use CBD and flower to ease my M.S. pain!

Kim Mainard says:

Haha loved the intro, I bet you have the magic box 😉 Lol! Thanks Steam would love this for my anxiety. I’ve been using the ego pen things and don’t really like it.

Graham Digital_Drops says:

Amber will use it ill give it to her

rhuffines13 says:

nice Review , Sreamroom , id take off your hands LOL , hang in there my man !!!!

Breeze says:

Yeah right, send it here ==>(my address)

Mike B says:

Dude, i would love to get one of those things! I’ve been very interested in CBD- I’m a recovering opiate addict, been clean a few years and only take my anxiety meds. Now i’m getting off of my anxiety meds though, and i’ve been looking into CBD as something for anxiety relief. Thought about turning to weed for anxiety relief, but I don’t know that I wanna start that habit again- although like you, i don’t see anything wrong with somebody who decides they wanna use it medicinally, but I don’t know that’s the route I wanna take.. There’s supposed to be some great benefits from CBD though and without any psychoactive properties. It’s supposed to be good for anxiety relief, have anti-inflammation properties (which is another thing I could use also. i have a bad back- had a herniated disc and had surgery on it and i have bad hips too from walking differently because of the back pain), so there seems to be many properties that the CBD has, that I could really benefit from.. Anyways, that would be REALLY awesome if you could send me one of those, it would be greatly appreciated. By the way- just found your channel today while looking for videos on fixing vapers tongue, i watched your video on that and it was really good! Definitely gonna check out more of your videos… If you made it to the end of this novel- props man, haha. Take care brotha.

eli cortes says:

Awesome video as always bro.
I like the idea but like you said the top cap kinda sucks. I wouldn’t mind giving one a try.

Can Sy says:

Am I too late for the giveaway? I’ve been looking for one of those for awhile. Vaporesso zippo and vapoket all ran out of these devices. Waited 6 months for something like it.

JoshuaApathy Miller says:

Id be happy to use it clayton and give ya some feed back on it


I use the oil for my neuropathic pain Ty for the review

Tim Sheckley says:

Always good to see you bro, I heard CBD is bad for you though? Either way rock on!

Harun Gürel says:

Because: I will use it for Cancer treatment

Karl Stellmacher says:

WOW AWESOME, I really could use a spare, for I am on CBD For my disability and my back pain thank you for the chance

Zach Blair says:

I want it cause I recently just started using oil and much prefer it. I’ve been buying a new carto everytime I purchase this wld make it much easier and lil more affordable.

Mandy Felder says:

Great review steam! My friend has been talking about getting one of these oil vapes thanks for the chance!

Ambz Merret says:

Yeah I need that in my life thanks Steam! My head has been hurting lately ☹️

Joseph Gibbs says:

I think i should have it because it would help me have on the go dabs without people looking at me like im a waste. I always use cbd oil n i could use this serveral times a day responsibly

G££ org¥ says:

Kinda of confusing whether it’s a Troll or not….. Because isn’t there a weed to get off opiates non-detox….. detox. Watched a show where they offer weed in a group home setting to opiate addicted people somewhere in the wilderness. So if this is a Troll that would be SHITTY but it could be legit…..or all of the above= Equally shitty……Anyway, Hope all well with you offline…. Hang in there brother!

Oh and BTW cbd works better subcutaneously….. Doesn’t work as well vaped…. Imo

James Rivera says:

Not bad could use it for cbd carts still using a ego pen and ppl always think it’s thc

living life says:

I think I should get it because it would most definitely help me with my anxiety an make it easier to get thc instead of using essential oils

Tommygunn Vapes says:

Not really interested in it but it’s a review from you bro lol I’ve been looking into CBD so I had to watch I just want some I can use the gear I already have

Cyclone1006 says:

I only started using oil very recently and it would be nice to have one of my own. Loved the review.

Booger Jones says:

Yup yup that happy home is right here bro! I use CBD all the time for my back. COuld use a backup! Thanks and great to see you back!

Graham Digital_Drops says:

Ill take it. Love the shirt by the way . Did you put alterna in that thing.oh and the reason I should have it besides the obvious needing it , you’ve seen my dab set up I def need it , is cuz I asked first …

Warren Banner says:

New sub here I just found you today thank you and glad to see you’re doing so well after that other video I love your videos so far!

David Settles says:

Glad to see the video just to know you are doing ok . ..Keep fighting the good fight brother ..much love …My brother said thanks for the chance he needs something stealthy..lol

lewis knight says:

Very nice review I’ve been thinking about these things

Philly Vape215 says:

Be careful. People been getting their channels dropped for CBD and weed reveiws. But the game definitely changed since rolling my Dutches lol stay up

Bentley Clouds says:

Dope! Literally! Lol kidding obvs but it looks cool, also sick outro man!

Dink Fryson says:

Looks interesting, something i can put in my pocket, unlike these V2 pens, would love to win, great review and stay real, much love

Kim C. says:

Great review, thanks for all the great information. Glad your back love your videos. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, would give it to my husband who is trying to use cbd to help with back, arthritis and nerve pain. Have a great day!

richard yahnke says:

im just getting into cbd an love to have one of dos

rage042578 says:

I have been using CBD for my diabetes, it has really attacked my eyes and the CBDhas really helped. Always love to see content from you no matter what you are talking about. 🙂

Bud Dogood says:

I would love to have one. It’s pretty important to keep things chill where I live. I could compare it to my swan.

Vaper Army says:

I am trying to get off morphine, which I’m on due to severe pain. I want to try CBD and use it instead. I have read that not only is it useful for pain, but it helps getting off opiates, which exactly what I’m trying to do. This might be something that could help me get what I need. I would greatly appreciate it if you picked me for this.

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