VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer | Black Note Encore Review

Exclusive 10% Vaporfi Discount Link: The VaporFi Air 2 is an All in One device designed to compete with Pod ecigs such as the Pax JUUL. Black Note e Liquid: The Air 2 is a mini vaporizer that is perfect for people transitioning from smoking,

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Samuel LaChapelle says:

looks like a icare mod

Mikel Lloyd says:

I’ve spent hundreds on “ecigarette products and have found satisfaction in only several. Those are as follows,
#1 favorite the Vaporfi air 2 (which I purchased 2 of) 1 isn’t working correctly and sending back but happy that I’ve developed a contingency plan in buying ecigarette devices and now purchase a fall back second device in case of any issue.
it is easy to assemble. easy to fill. good hit and I use homemade lanyard to carry it around neck! great product….

Madd Studios Worldwide says:

Great video. I recently got mine and it’s great

Sidney Snyder says:

Great review! Short, concise yet comprehensive. Love the way you quickly compare the Vaporfi to a couple of other well known brands. I’m currently using JUUL and quite a few other devices – some great and some not so much. Of course would love to win your give away as I have several friends who I wish would stop smoking and start vaping. So the easier and value you pointed out are definitely attributes that make it easier to help someone listen to me.
As far as making your videos and channel more interesting, I feel you would be better served to point out the health benefits that go along with vaping.
Good day,
Sidney Snyder

Diane Hill says:

Would love to win one here in iowa. Only suggestion i have is tell us if the throat hit is good or bad

Russell Acklin says:

Could you give me yours

Elizabeth Allen says:

Do you know how long this will keep its charge? Thanks for the great vid.

Jammie L says:

I wanted to try this but wasn’t sure. So I watched it and I think I’ll go ahead and get it. Thank you!

Jennifer Harmon says:

I just found your channel looking for more info on the Air 2. Great review! I really hope I win so here’s my suggestion – I would like to see a video that shows which parts are interchangeable and how to determine if they are. In other words, a lot of my friends and I have bought a million vapes and sooner or later, we get bored and buy another. Then when something breaks, we end up with lots of parts, but nothing really working as it should. I know that some pen-style batteries fit on other tanks, but they aren’t powerful enough to fire them. How do can I tell what will work with what?

E3_Smasher inc says:

Looks like a pregnancy test

CaramiaJinx says:

Don’t you dare get plastic surgery! lol
You have a real face, a real personality and a genuine character that seems very honest- which is what anyone should look for in a real review of something before they purchase something.
I will say that some of the other ‘top’ reviewers seem a little paid off to me with how much stuff they give away. A company will give you freebies to post a positive review… Doesn’t seem like anyone is getting the best advice, only shows they can be purchased like a vape-ho 😛 I don’t think I have heard them say anything bad about ANY product. That makes it impossible to make a sound choice as a virgin vape consumer.
I do like the idea of a live show that Julie mentioned though. Other than that, just keep on doing what you’re doing! In my lil’ opinion, This channel gives the most honest reviews out there.
One thing I would recommend on thinking longer- Obviously can’t do this live but, for each new system you try, ask for videos from other normal people and get their permission to possibly add in some video segments of their opinion with your response after. That would make it a all-in-one kinda video. Not just your personal comments but, random ones as well. You could also go to vape bars (not sure it would be worth your time honestly) and get live reactions.. 🙂

Chazim76 says:

It’s hard because you go in depth and very informative. Try reaching out to other reviewers. Legion of Vapes is a great guy he may give you a shout out and send some people your way.

Jake Young says:

would i buy the oil atomizer for regular cape juice

Christine Kelly says:

got one not working
I’ll watch again the small one not a favorite I love the express. for last few years before that. forget the name. then company went to vapor fi and screwed up that style. been vaping since about 2011. express is beat for me so far. smaller than the pen I started with years ago.

Chris Wood says:

Excellent review . Will you be reviewing the VAIO mini ?

Josh Anthony says:

Great video very informative about the device. I was interested more importantly. My opinion on the end note is that you should shoot for more of demographics towards the right devices people want and selling also market all your social media including your website or however but point is to get traffic through your social media and other websites you may have.

Kelby Cruze says:

how do you load the oil one I’m using wax someone please help I just got this

Murder King L.A says:

Can we use these without nicotine lol don’t know anything about it

KatezKloudz says:

Start posting on Instagram as well…alot of vape reviewers do and can reach a wider audience. But your very informative so great job! When will the winner be picked?

Jaramillo Robert says:

keep up with all new mods and tanks and builds. Do giveaways just keep up with what you are doing.

KKPlaysGames says:

Is it bad for you

Shanoska Young says:

how often do you have to change the oil atomizers and how long does the pen itself last? as far as life span

Luis G says:

great video

Random Anime says:

vaporfi air 2 spits like a camel i hate it . dont buy it

Sasha Belka says:

Thats icare solo

Mc JuiceC says:

Hey I’m a beginner with theses… they look pretty cool but I was wondering if I can use just water

Kay Zhou says:

I would love to see a more in depth tutorial for people who just begin to vape, I had a hard time under standing temperature setting, voltage setting, what does ohm stand for, what to choose and what to look for and so on!

John O says:

Great looking little device would love to try one. Good info always, maybe bring in a review guest, humor is always a plus. Make it fun & informative. Juice reviews I have been trying a ton of juices that suck, I am going to start a channel and tell folks about how these high dollar, no flavor juices really are… You have a great subscribership share the top ten crappy juice list. Great job.

Tanner Lehman says:

Looks like a pregnancy test

Deborah Fromknecht says:

Have tried vaping before, thanks to my son. Had problems filling tubes etc. This sounds more my speed so I am going to try it.
Keep in mind that there are new bees like me out there who are confused, and wonder how these things work. Maybe doing a video on batteries explianing the difference size makes. I know that will be boring to some, but it will help others like me get started. Thank you for this video, it explained more then the company did.

kalifas says:

More videos for beginners!  I’d really like to see different vape devices next to each other to compare size.  Also, I noticed a lot of these channels describe their videos as “reviews,” but they just showcase the product without telling us pros and cons.  With that being said, excellent video!  Very informative.

Wulfdane says:

Such a small battery, not very useful for daily vaping. Best used as a backup while your main device is charging or in places (work) where you can’t vape often.

Julie Dickinson says:

Honestly, live shows are very popular now. Even for a half hour. There are people who just search for live shows and watch those. Other idea would be to review different coils and describe the differences in flavor you get from them. DIY juice making is also making an entrance. Do shake n vape juices that don’t require steeping.

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