Vaping Sour Diesel CBD for the First Time || SAUC e-Liquid Review

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Carmen Willis says:

Yes CBD is underrated , that is because most of the cannabis grown today is cross bread to have HIGHER THC levels and that reduces the medicinal CBD components . Most people want to get HIGH fast and will pay more $$$ for the higher THC and don”t care about the CBD effects / benefits . Remember Marijuana has been Illegal since the 1930’s and using it for medicine was outlawed ! Time’s are changing with Studies done in Europe and now the cat is out of the BAG , people are now seeing all of it’s medicinal properties and are doing their own Research to see its benefits …..

Ray Thompson says:

Im gonna be a first time user with cbd””i want to use for my anxiety but im a bit scared”i do t want to vet high

russel patterson says:

I been vaping cbd for one week now , works instantly I suffer from low moods and bad temper but I feel calmer all the time and just chilled but I am able to go about my day to day life without feeling stoned the difference with the thc it’s such and head buzz puts you on a different level . Cbd all the way✌

Ana Bonn says:

At minute 2.40 you are definitely more relaxed. I’ve got drops 2 days ago and I laughed 3 times super hard. I am definitely more relaxed

Chance Hessel says:

hey i really like your videos i have super bad anxiety and have just ordered some cbd products through phytodabs, im mainly looking for cbd vape and i was wondering if you could give me some recommendations ? im looking at diamond cbd and purecbdvapor right now and there’s a bit of a price difference.

satinbarbi says:

I have been using CBD for about a week for neuropathy in my feet. My feet were a constant source of pain. It hasn’t been a cure but it helps a lot. I just feel so much better now.

Hsani Lewis says:

I dont feel any thing happening i got 150mg

Evert Björklund says:

Hi from sweden cannabis is not legely here. Can smoking a joint get The same benifits do you NO If it is that? I not felling God anxyety / panicattaks every day cant Coop it enymor.

zx300ttt says:

It’s a life saver for me I have very bad anxiety

JJ McRaW says:

Cant wait to get mine tomorrow!

the best buds says:

I love this sour diesel!!

veronica gaspar says:

do you recommend this cbd oil the most? please help! my first time! also your favorite fav pen & where to get??

God's Son says:


xlovesomusicx says:

so since this was CBD.. did this get you high??

Kody Lee says:

direct lung it. works better for me and feels similar to joint smoking.

Satan says:

Why cant i share this video?

Christopher Easler says:

What pen is that??

Bading Shabling says:

Does it give you a head high?

Jerry Smith says:

I’m curious as to what strength this is? I have the same issues, in a bit of a dilemma of what strength to buy.

Jtello250 says:

What kind of vape pen or mod do you use for this??

Wayne Pickard says:

How are you finding the vape? Your more recent videos have been a bit… sadder (probably the wrong word. I hope you’re doing well). Did you keep up the vaping and find it useful still?. Considering vaping CBD for anxiety too so interested in your continued experiences. A UK viewer.
P.S love the videos keep them coming.

Rahuul Teja says:

Plz do more of tez vids …

4chicagogrl says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences! 🙂 I’m new to vaping and been vaping CBD and love it but curious about what you said about wattage?? I’m wondering if my vapourizer is too high or something because it seems like after only a couple of hits it tastes burnt? It acts like it has to be charged up again constantly. Plus it seems like I go through coils way too fast, (although I really don’t know how long is normal for one to last.) I enjoy the effects and the feel of vaping, but I don’t want to smoke ever again (that was long ago and far away). If I want relief from my anxiety, I don’t need the added concern that maybe I’m crossing the line from a healthy vaping action to basically smoking! You know what I mean??

Manny Olivas says:

So this doesn’t get you high right ? I just ordered some and I don’t want any psychoactive effects, it would really effect my anxiety

Ganja dude aka G69 says:

Just subbed. Great review Sweetheart. East coast is were I’m at. N.C

Ryan Fong says:

so the “head high” that you got was it like if you were to smoke regular weed? did you feel stoned? how were your muscles and joints after vaping this?

N Ch says:

woouuuuw what h a hoot biiiitch what that facckj kj help i u i i i uuuu need to ffuuuucckk herrbhpp helo o p

Angela Margolin says:

I have had 5 back surgeries and have pins rods and screws in my back a fused neck I had my gallbladder removed April 14th I woke up unable to walk I started having tremors in my legs and the neurologist thinks I should try to get some cbd and see if i can walk again and take my pain away

Southern Spoonie says:

just a warning YouTube is slowly taking down CBD videos and terminating channels becaouse of it, happened to a friend of mine! I know people and companies are fighting it but just a warning, CBD has helped me so much i hate to see this happening, but don’t want anyone else hurt by Youtube’s new policy! They are treating it like a drug!

AshleyJillene says:

is there THC in this??

Rita HERNANDEZ says:

Is that the same as a nap pen?

HiQ Vision Productions says:

This video was def helpful. So helpful that I brought the product. Thank you

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