UPDATED REVIEW: ‘Cloud’ Portable Essential Oil Vaporizer Pen Demo

The Cloud V Portable Vaporizer Mini Style Vape Pen Updated Review! 5 time High Times Cannabis Cup Winner?! Wow. There are a lot of fake/knock-offs but only one original ‘Cloud’ Mini Vape Pen. Pick one up at Authorized Dealer The VapeLife Store and use the code ‘iambackvlb’ to receive 11% OFF! http://bit.ly/CloudVapesVLS ~ http://www.mrvapelife.com

The Cloud is used with Oil, Bho, Wax, Concentrates errl. Whatever. 🙂
~I also endorse cannabis use while working out.


PanamaDoll1 says:

Bay Area shout out back at ya!

Alan Herreta says:

Lmao I so the same workouts same spot

gravityTattdrumr11 says:

not a cloud n da sky, but i got a cloud n my pocket and im rdy to rock it!..

Mr Burgundy says:

Love your pup. I’ve had a couple weimereiners! Awesome dogs. 😉

HotSauceFan9 says:

Hey bro you should check your inbox I sent you an idea for the PAX giveaway!

Bill Samuelson says:

how much wax you get in there on one pack?

TheRealSPK says:

man i smoke Sour D in my CLOUD every day …. if my atomizer messes up(which it hasnt) ill just buy a new one lol

VapeLife Will says:

No they are for Essential Oil

Angel Garcia says:

If your not using a cloud then u my friend are wasting your wax wow what a difference those imitations can’t compare the glass globe is kill… Thanks guys this is the real deal also thanks for the partial refund on the shipping that was pretty cool

Unknown says:

how long do the atomizers usually last bro..? and does the new lightning last longer than the regular one…?

gravityTattdrumr11 says:

i love clouds, vape 4 Life!

Mr Snifter says:

Ive got a cloud in my pocket and Im ready to Rock it, GENIUS JINGLE DAWG!! Love that shit! Now I want one just so I can say that!!

VapeLife Will says:

Thanks Mate, you’re too kind!

Krispee Kleen says:

does your necklace have the African continent on it????

VapeLife Will says:

CHRIS, SLOWWWW DOWN BUDDY. You never reached out to customer service, You messed up! Not every single Cloud ever made is gonna be PERFECT! Thousands sold! LET THIS BE A LESSON TO EVERYBODY. IF BY CHANCE SOMETHING GOES WRONG WITH YOUR UNIT DO NOT GO RUNNING TO SOCIAL MEDIA — GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! You may be too young for the products bro.

VapeLife Will says:

I mean, the Cloud has proven to stay together and last better than any other ‘mini style’ pens I own. And I know i’m not alone. Cloud are kicking ass, it’s easy to see. Go to instagram. Also the regular atomizers are ONLY $8 now. Lightning’s $12. I’ve made atomizers last MONTHS. Not all will though.

PhalseProfit13 says:

you are a classic man, go forth and conquer!

Celesiaeyes says:

Dude I LOVE you! Ace !!!

Cassandra Carmona says:

Price? 😉

Andrew VanWagenen says:

That heating element looks like shit 😛

Zacnix Nixon says:

You gone off that water

VapeLife Will says:

Man they both ROCK. We sell them both at The VapeLife Store. Use the discount code ‘vapelife’. Can you believe THEY BOTH just won BEST PRODUCT AWARDS this weekend at the cup!?

2 Spirit Metis says:

Look at that cloud you put in the sky. I’m 1st Nations (Algonquian and Metis) and I’m thinking you may not only be a “cloud maker”, but a rain maker too. *smirk*   If you ever come to Toronto, you got friends. I’m a medicinal user, so I gets da good stuff.

Little CortCort says:

that’s rly funny if you watch the sky after your first hit a cloud starts to slowly form

Flurdturd says:

Theres people who claim you can. Tech you can cause it will vape the flowers. But then at the same time you are destroying the coils and the heating chamber.

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