Trying Essential Oil Vapes – Monq

I have been seeing these Essential Oil Vaporizers all over and have been wanting to try them out myself! I love essential oils and was curious if you would actually reap the benefits from it being in an portable vape pen. Lets put them to the test! Also dont forget to leave a LIKE if you LOVE essential oils!

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Trying Essential Oil Vapes – Monq

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notfeliciana says:

I’m a kid soo

Phanboy of mcr, p!atd, fob, bvb, tøp, Rick astley says:

You could get these and pretend to be really edgy and cool and be like yeah it’s a special vape thing but tell no one the name of the product to make it look like you smoke

MIK3Y StOnE says:

Smoke some weed bitch blaze that good KUSH

Daniella Tavares says:

She tried active like three times an thought she didnt try them like one time is fine but two and three time thats not fine or got sometimes but anyway love you tiff/cupquake

AestheticXDreamer says:


Faiths Wonderful World Of Gymnastics says:

You remind me of my cousin. Her name is Destinee

Roja Luna says:

An affordable essential oil made more affordable!
Visit us and like our FB page and IG @ Essential Serenity.
Be healthy! Turn Organic!

Weirdly satisfyingly says:

Is it weird that I want to try to this at age 12…..

JoeJoe42 says:

I’m 11 I vape for real

“Do you even vape bro”

A.idensastorm says:

I heard placebo and thought of ‘it’. Eddie

Sam Marie says:

I want to buy these but don’t have enough money:(

Nessa Marquez says:

How old do you have to be to do this because I want to try these

Squiggley says:

What do you think your demographic is

I'm weird af don't judge says:

so are these like completely safe to use?

AestheticXDreamer says:

What if you use it for more than once?

Graciela Hernandez says:

You did active 5 times

sydney lauryn says:

lmao i started selling these at school

Tange Johnson says:

She’s tried the active 40 times

Ligia May says:

Can you put your own oils in

Thewintereden says:

How old do you have to be to have these?

Rai says:

…Im scared if her lungs gonna get lung cancer and some tumors ;-;..

Hulahoopgurl Msp says:

Those are so funn

Maegan Druiett says:

*tries the active vape about 3 times*

Ines Kershaw says:

I want one, but I’m too young

Kadee Goldberg says:

You tried the active one 3 times

MajerLeague Gamer says:

“I don’t smoke” *inhales and blows through nose*

Naniville. A Nani kingdom where shopkins live says:

Are they safe for kids like me I’m nine it sounds safe for kids like me

A Kerr says:

Omg!! Redb15 is halaris

Karma Martinez says:

is vaping bad?????

Kylie Kennedy says:

“why not try the active one I wonder how this one is”
tries it for the third time

Frickle Frackle says:

How do I convince my mom to let me get these? I would use my own money and everything. They are 100% not bad for you.

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