Reupload from my deleted account. This is just my opinion and you can take it with a grain of salt.

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Jose Ramirez says:

Match1 fireee asf

antwan867 says:

Have you ever tried platinum vape?

Martin Gonzalez says:

Match1 those are bawm

Samurai says:

Where do I buy?

kusherman62 says:

My personal favorites are rove, plugplay, and smoked honey.

Daniel Cupa says:

U in California????

Nico Mendoza says:

Anybody ever hear of “amerijuana” cartridges? If so are they any good?

KaziGaming says:

It’s sad how street Cali carts such as excotics and supremes are flooding the street and people think they’re gas. When there missing out on all of these crazy potent clean distillent carts. This is becoming an epidemic to the younger userers who can’t get connects for these type of products. I sell carts and don’t get me wrong. I make so much money. But I only sell danks because excotics and supremes are full of pesticides and apparently danks don’t have any but I believe they do so because the cost for a 90%+ thc cart that’s 1.1g is impossible. And the flavors get people hooked. I wish I could try these type of carts your sayin in your videos. Really makes me hate how hard it is to get these products for use.

Ryan Baker420 says:

White rabbit

cali 420 says:


christopher garrison says:

He looks like laogrow

Jacob Rodgers says:

if you can get you’re hands on an ELITE cart you should review it. By far the best cart I’ve ever had, but is harder to get over the other generic carts, Exotics, Dank etc.. I’ve yet to see anyone review it on youtube.

cass andra says:

I knew he was a real stoner and should trust his opinion when he said 2015 so casually and confident instead of 2018

Ye ye says:

What about lifelines ?

Mr. J says:

It’s so funny to me, right now somewhere in the divided states of taxes there is a former cop limping around because someone shot his ass for trying to oppress freedom by using force on people simply because the cop feels a need to obey the empire and smash freedom. Now weed is legal and that loser cop is limping around the rest of his life because he chose to be a shit stain. lol

Glo Doll says:

you are cute

Mickel Heredia says:

try kingpen

Shanni Peettyson says:

I forgot about this guy…still in his car tho

Billy McGoldrick says:

TkO extracts are the best definitely try them out so fucking good and strong

Anna Badarch says:


Chuck Ogoon says:

bro its sad some oil are pure shit,ive trird a lot,brite labs are my brst.

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