The Clear Vape cartridge Review : Blue Razz(dream) Banana creme(og)

A review of two products by The clear concentrate company.Everybody is getting into the vape game.Do these match up to the others or do they stand alone?
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Nam Bui says:

Don’t bother. The cartridges break within a week. They are made of cheap plastic.

Tanner Beats says:

Just got 3 for $25, pineapple, golden goat and red apple. Some deal they had at a dispensary in Colorado. First and last time I had the clear was a year ago almost and it was pure peach or something peach and I remember it being the best thing I ever tried THC wise as far as taste, potency go. If these cartridges were regularly 15-20$ I’d be so broke.

BettyKrocker says:

LMAOOOOO I love Willy wonka lol

Medical led Grower says:

I need some I’m in Ohio

coly bobby says:

it’s a half g homie

MC Grammar says:

vaping banana cream now. Michigan, Detroit. And they cost $35 where I go.

david lamas says:

About how many hits is a cartridge ?

Snakewarp12 says:

I’ve had 2 of these cartridges that were potent pineapple and they both worked well for a week then they started tasting very burnt and made me cough a lot. I like the stealth of the cartridges but are these ones cheap/ broken, and what should I do with the broken cartridges. ( the burnt happened like 2 weeks where I was hitting it a few times a week then I went to hit it a second time one day I took it out of my pocket and it tasted burnt help) also I don’t live in a legal state

Joshua Truchan says:

They have an updated design,
and with a new function better than before especially with the clear pen and case which is also sturdy and holds one charger one battery and one clear oil cartridge at half the $ you said 60 bux. .Normally mid 30s

Shawn Nelson says:

Noice..! just picked up 1. Golden Goat.700mg(55$). it’s pretty good. hybrid. sativa dom. Red apple is good too. takes awhile to kick in,but when it does. Ooo man Crazy medicated. definitely recommend! Cheers!

D 111 says:

i get them for 40 a gram here in coachella

NyHaZe87 says:

“lol the snozberries taste like snozberries!” Cheerios Bro

Really Stoned Gaming says:

Cheers homie. Miss seeing you in the chat as much as you use to be. Hope all is well! Like you went ghost after donating =(

Burqueno gangsteR says:

banana cream for the win

eric stoll says:

how many sessions do you get from a cartridge

Chad Catho says:

clear cartridges are pure garbage and half of your half gram is actually propylene glycol. These are not CO2 cartridges. they’re great for getting medicated in public because even police cant tell it’s not a bunch of regular old vape oil because it’s so diluted there isn’t a stench of weed when you pop it open. If you’re getting stoned off this it’s because of overuse or low tolerance. CO2 cartridges actually taste like weed and smell like it too when you pop open the top. These are garbage for efficient medication dosage unless you’re attending a public/social event. Even platinum vape makes better cartridges and they’re the same propylene glycol base garbage these clear ones are. Grab yourself illuminati, raw distillate or hell even FlavRx cartridges if you want good actual pure weed oil cartridges for that same price as the clear.

E Money The Med Savage says:

cool I haft to get one

The Stoned Farmer says:

Proper Bro. Cheerz.

Tree_Channel says:

I’m not big on vaping, but I still gotta show soup some luv. cheers man

Frank R. says:


danglesnipecelly13 says:

I fucking love these! Great stuff! Always have these on deck in the Michigan dispo’s

T Jones says:

I got the lemon haze as a gift and I love it, I got it to last me 2 weeks using a couple times a day. Switch back and forth between wax vape pen. Prefer the oil one, love the taste. Only slight leaking after opening, nothing too bad though. I want all the flavors now.

Nadia says:

I have the same cartridge. It was $37.99 out the door and it was 500mg. Prices must vary across states.

William Hunt says:

I have The clear pen and the pen tops where I get them are $41.25 for a .6 and $31 something for the .3 I like the way it works but it doesn’t last me a long time it does last me about a week I guess so that is a little while plus you can hit the shit until it is completely drained. Not a bad buy with you are looking for pen tops.

I Love Weed says:

New sub, love vaping myself. Enjoy ur channel so far.

Merkums says:

At least now they say how many MG THC and if they are indica/sativa/hybrid. At least thats how they are at my dispensary.

Chris Hansen says:

1:05 that’s a .5 ml size vial or cartridge correct? Why is there a huge air bubble when you buy it? It should be full otherwise you are not buying .5ml worth. It’s a rippoff man.

J credible says:


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