Sutra Mini Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody! You every go into something expecting one thing but getting another? That’s kind of the story here with the Sutra Mini. I was expecting the Sutra to be good little middle of the road “me too” conduction vape…. but the reality is just so much more than that!!

Appearance wise, the Sutra Mini resembles a pager and even has a bit of a passing resemblance to the Vivant Dabox we reviewed a few weeks ago. The outer shell is a durable aluminum, there’s an isolated air intake port, and a nice, easy to read digital display. There is an air path of about 2 inches and a little viewing window to see vaporizer production.

The chamber is stainless steel which means it’s going to heat up fast and there are a ton of perforations…. this was the first tip off to me that this might be more than just another conduction vaporizer. These days, when a manufacturer goes with steel it usually means there is an inline heater (rather than the bowl itself heating up) for convection vaping and the numerous perforations on the bottom back this up. Another giveaway that there is some convection going on is right in the instruction manuals directions for filling…. not too fine a grind and do not pack down!

Performance wise, I love the Sutra Mini! The vaporizer quality is amazing… nice full robust draws, good clouds and great draw resistance!

For concentrates, the Sutra Mini forgoes the metal concentrate cup and opted for a quartz one. While this won’t replace your enail it is a big step in the right direction for two in ones!

For more information or to get a Sutra Mini of your very own please check out and and use the promo code “kushbury” at checkout to let them know you saw this video!


Nene Sensei says:

Really good review, tumbs up for the weed leftovers review !

Nick Bertoline says:

I think the one to get is actually the Fury 2. As these seem to be copies of that vape not 100 but have seen that the company will respond and clairify probably as they have done in other forums

Superman8084 (Kent Clark) says:

I want one bad lol great review as always!

silkvein says:

Even pre-cured, silicone still offgasses at around 350 degrees F. I personally would leave that cap out of the equation. Not worth the risk.

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

I have a rebranded version (grindhouse shift) and my spent material at the same temps is a lot more brown than yours. Curious.

Thomas Semper says:

trying to decide between sutra mini or the zeus smite, any ideas? thanks

Zachary Rochon says:

Very harsh, stick to top shelf Vapes.

luis gill says:

I just got mine today i like it :p

Yout oobonly says:

“It feels thick, but good in the hand” – That’s what she said!

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