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WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get high and review my new 1000mg bottle of CBD GENESIS!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share it with your friends! If you need more CRUTCH in your life check out the playlists on this channel and SUBSCRIBE for a new cannabis related video all the time! #StayHigh friends!!





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Mahmoud Eladany says:

He’s high

Sunil Rajput says:

I love that background ganpati frame❤

Amy Burns says:

does the sublingual under the tounge oil work as good as the vape kind for stress.anxiety and depression?

Jack Bowers says:

I get this cbd called diamond and organrx. I dont know how many mg its the bottle just says max strength. Anyways you should try these. They make feel high like i just smoked a blunt but at the same time you can tell its not a thc high.

Cozy Comic says:

Sadly I’m in Springfield Missouri and due to laws here cbd is illegal to use unless I am dying. Yeah Springfield mo is stupid as all hell.

marcus l says:

when you say ‘pure’ cbd do you mean pure cbd that has been ‘watered down’ so to speak into a tincture that is 1000mg in total weight.

Ryan Tutor says:

Does CBD help with bipolar 1 disorder?

2degucitas says:

Why bother smoking? I have asthma and smoking anything is not gonna happen.

dylan reichard says:

This nigga higher then a space balloon that can’t pop like holy shit dude you were certain me out a little

XJ Tommy says:

try koi cbd!!!!!! i love the 1000mg flavorless additive to add to vape juice. made from organic cbd isolate..

Justin Amazing says:

How did you feel on the pure CBD?

Ede's Mutter says:

dafuq is this amish “beard” look?!

Costa azzura says:

no need to smoke.that

valveman12 says:

I take CBD but it takes up to 90mins to feel the effects. How are you feeling anything after a few minutes?
Perhaps it is the expectation.

Nichole Collins says:

Would you say their products are legitimate? I want to buy some stuff but I just don’t want anything synthetic.

Tiny Tim says:

Stop watching this go get high and then eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich you’ll thank me later

thechoadsen one says:

I’m glad I watched this. Been looking into cbd for my depression and insomnia and was gonna get a vape pen, but thought you fill the entire vape chamber with the liquid, not mix it with e-juice.

Bubs Reptiles says:

I have FBT and I have anxiety bipolar schizophrenia and the CBD oil really helps me with it but I’m still trying to find something to help me with my pain

Jeremy Weatherspoon says:

Get a drip atomizer and use that instead of the tank.

Please Read says:

Please shave your beard. I know you like it but it doesn’t fit you at all.

El Pablito says:

Can only do cbd juice in the vape or you gotta mix it with the vape juice like u did

Jana Lee says:

get your shit together

Activisa Con Xans says:

if you take too much cbd it can turn to a low dose of thc and it shows up on a drug test besides that it’s good if you don’t wana be high

indiroca808 says:

new subscriber.. you made me LOL!! good vid… gonna send some of this to my niece who has seizures during her hormonal change, every month. Crozzing fingers..hope it helps.

Diogenes TheDog says:

Nice beard, English. I do like it. Also, if there was alcohol in the tincture, remember to account for that (GABA-ergic action) in your notes, good sir!

Rex Erection says:

I switched to CBD and cant sleep good anymore.

Cristobal Becker says:

anyone know where the hell can i buy high quality CBD product in India ? i really really really want to try it, maybe it can control my anxiety and spasms

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