Shatterizer Vaporizer Review

The Shatterizer is a new concentrate pen that hits like a Mack Truck but is stylish enough to bring with you everywhere! I first came into contact with Shatterizer through the High Society Supper Club, as they were a sponsor for one of their fantastic events!

The Shatterizer is a concentrate vape pen with a difference, and that difference is quality. While concentrate pens have been in vogue for a while now, the simple design and mass production of parts have have created a marketplace of clones, cheap knock offs and vapes that are virtually disposable. The Shatterizer on the other hand, is an original Canadian design, is made from high quality, impact resistant parts and preforms like a beast!

On first inspection the Shtterizer immediately stands out. It looks good, fells great in the hand and has a nice weight to it. At the bottom is a small storage container for your concentrates, then we have a nice rubber coated grip with the atomizer on top. The atomizer is really a fantastic design with multiple air intake vents at the base to prevent clogging, a sturdy Boro glass globe and a dual quartz coil chamber. The coil cap, which seems simple enough, has a slightly larger opening than most which provides fantastic air flow!

Operating the Sahtterizer is easy; five clicks on and then three short clicks to cycle through the three preset temperature settings. When you want to take your draw, depress the button and go! Whereas most concentrate pens give you 10 seconds of continuous heat, The Shatterizer gives you up to 15 seconds letting you get really nice full draws!

The battery is a built in 18350 rechargeable that takes 2.5 hours to charge and gives you up to 70 hits from a single charge! Wow!!

Overall I am very impressed. This is a great concentrate pen from a new company that preforms at the level of elite vaporizers! Highly recommended!

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Rastafari Jah says:

copy of Evolve Plus

Kyle Crotty says:

I wouldn”t consider the globe”durable” as I broke the one that came with it right away (even after watching you open it). Went and got two replacements immediately, which I’d recommend buying with this to anyone Other than that, great device!

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