Pulsar Stylus Oil Vaporizer REVIEW

This is my review of the Pulsar Stylus Oil Vaporizer.

The music used at the end is Julian Marley – “Boom Draw”



Kaleb N says:

Mine shuts off

c0pyimitati0n says:

You can fill it with e-liquid… or better yet waxes and thick oils. If you don’t know what kind of oils i am talking about then you do not need this pen.

jack miller says:

I bought this thinking it could do vape like the e cig liquids….can it still do that just like a e cig?

c0pyimitati0n says:

I think your charger is bad. This literally just happened to me yesterday. I was charging my pen and i went to unscrew it from the charger and it pulled out part of the charger. I am somewhat technically inclined so i took apart the charger and put it all back together and the problem was there is a positive and negative wire and my positive wire had come unconnected. I’m sure if i solder it back together it would work fine but right now when i plug it in the green light is constantly lit up.

brad moffitt says:

great product one dollywhopper and i was cornbuckled

Dontgetmadfellas says:

What does it mean when the clear part that get packed pops off
? Now it doesn’t work

c0pyimitati0n says:

Are you talking about the plastic tube part? The Atomizer as it’s called? If so i dont understand how you broke it, but you can buy a replacement for around $13 online. Or are you talking about the silicone part that comes in the pen when you first buy it?

Ryan Andrews says:

does the attachment, not the battery, (dont know what thats called), would that attach to my itaste v v2? 

TheOnlyCoop says:

What type of oil do you fill it with?

YouGots2Chillout says:

I just got mine but theres no indicaters tellin me if its charging.The charger light stays green the whole time but its supposed to be green when its fully charged correct? its charging now and its been at 3 bars for almost 2 hours.I might have a defect and i was already sent the pulsar ninja by mistake so im hopin this wont be another headache.Im thinkin about using it till the battery dies and charge overnight to really see if its a defect.

Twistedtriston says:

I wanna fill it with eoil but how do i do that

PulsarVaporizers says:

Thank you for the review

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