Prism and Prism+ by Kandypens Full Review + GIVEAWAY


You can find the Prism & Prism+ by Kandypens on the Kandypens website:
For 25% like I mentioned use the promo code HYPHY25

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In this video I review the newest generation concentrate vaporizer, the Prism. The Prism and the Prism+ feature a ceramic heating chamber with a ceramic plate heating element. These devices are great for conserving wax and getting the true flavor of your concentrates.

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amber tai says:

What did the stoners at the party say before the cops came?
Let’s blow this joint!

Korean Kimchi says:

What is the difference between politicians and stoners?
Politicians don’t inhale…they just suck.

t0t0k1lla says:

Yoooooo Brohampshire!!!!! I am a virgin when it comes to this vape life but I want to pop this cherry, no whip cream, hardbody John Gotti!!! I am trying to get into vaping cbd oils and wax as an alternative to using medication (pills) for panic disorder/agoraphobia/depression/anxiety. Yeah I know, sounds like I’m all types of F@#$%* up! But no pity party for this here soldier!!! I’m climbing these hurdles one step at a time. Or one “hit” at a time, if the ganja gods want to bless a young latin prince from the slums of the Bronx!! Your review was on point my guy!!! Best wishes to you! Thanks for reading my comment!!

The Zachster1234 says:

Can I use ejuice

Marci says:

my dog has a mowhawk!!! lol

Scott Tolbert says:

Why did the stoner go deaf? He wasn’t careful where he stored his loudpack.

R says:

Son: Do you think I’m going to win the giveaway?
Dad: It KANDYPEN, but you better CONCENTRATE if you want to.
Son: Thanks DAB!

Aren Di says:

So…. who won?

Christopher Castle says:

Are these pens from Ireland? Because after watching this my dick is Dublin

shelby warwick says:

How come you can drink a drink but you cannot food a food?

Danyal Siddique says:

How much would would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck it wood?……man honestly I’m high as fuck nevermind.

shawn deaver says:

What do you call a stoner with 2 spliffs… Double jointed

BestCoDLeaderboards says:

I’m looking to buy the prism . Does it have a smell when u smoke

Pedro Robles says:

6:42 “the key difference is the black one is bigger than the white one” lol

Tanner Brauns says:

Ight bro so I was walking down the street, and I take my normal route behind my house in the alley at night to smoke, I’m walking down smoking my pen and I see some couple fighting that look like they’re on meth, I see the woman walking my way saying “I’m not a whore” then the guy saying “you’re a physco bitch!” So I’m so high I just yell “Fuckin crackheads!” And the guy turns around he’s drunk af and yells back “come to say it to my face mf!” And I turn around and go back home quick, it was the best moment of my life, (btw I live in a small town in Iowa with lots of druggies) and I love your videos!

Michael Adams says:

Hey bro can you send me that prism plus? My ex thought my kp mini was a fuckin vibrator and needless to say it was lost in her abyss of a vagina and I have not seen it since 🙁 I’m currently vapeless and my life has not been the same.. I seen this video and was inspired to share my story.. And I wrote this for nothing as I’m over a month late cuz I didn’t read the description until after I wrote this. Goddamn it I definitely would have won

Brian White says:

Why couldn’t the lifeguard save the drowning hippie? He was too far out, man.

Prince Littlewolf says:

The first time I used a vape pen – I was hanging in my yard late night cause I couldn’t sleep. I had ONE PUFF of a vape pen, and I couldn’t feel my FEET! 🙂 I had to crawl on my hands and knees past my dogs who thought I was nuts -just to get to my bed! It was the best sleep I had in a long time and I WANT THAT FEELING AGAIN! Kandypen me Baby! I put a KandyPen on my Christmas Wishlist! Wanna be my Secret Santa?

Jampier Martinez says:

A gay republic who destroys SSJ warriors and feminists named milo

shelby warwick says:

What do you call a farting teacher?

…a tutor

jungpunk says:

prefer the prism +… like to get my world lighted up whilst i get lit up!!! cheers from cannabis canada! 😀

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