Prima Vaporizer Review | Easiest Vape For Both Herb and Dabs | TheDabSpot

Check out the Vapir Prima Here:
Hey Crew! Back with another high end vaporizer review! This is the Prima Vape from Vapir and it does both dry herb and concentrates without even having to switch the chambers or put a second oil pot in! Check out the review here and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more cannabis filled fun!
****All cannabis used in the video was acquired legally for recreational use under Washington LAW RCW 69.50 and Title 314 WAC and is only Intended for 21+ adults and medical Patients.*****
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Pickens42 says:

I love my pax!

PuuR says:

I forgot what I was watching and thought I was watching a dildo I boxing or something I got confused af

Jean-Luc Landry says:

You get so many nice toys thanks for sharing them with us

Mark Fagan says:

cool looks like a nice unit. its awesome there are so many portable vaporizer available now. I prefer doing my dabs that’s way there is so much flavour.
Thanks for the review☺

Jamie sweat baddog says:

beautiful woman nice review too bad my state is a bummer

John Wayne says:

Danielle, that purple is beautiful. What is that, velvet? Awesome vid!!

Donna Nix says:

I need this Prima
Thanks to you I no how to do these things
You rock

Thomas gunns says:

your great hon love your videos:-)

EndoRyu says:

No red eyes… trait of a veteran.

chad rocca says:

This unit stinks like plastic at start
The draw is lacking, seems like its not drawing from the bowl. But has a unique design im not used to. The smell is horrible. Im very disappointed with the flavor and lid quility seal.

daniel taylor says:

yea that hot vamp loves the way it rests in her hand lol

Grant Ashun says:

You doing a good show my dear

daniel taylor says:

its a bit like my vapium

Hannah Hope says:

Can you please do a video on “cheaper”, good quality products you love? Pleaseee. Love watching your videos.

edward smalley says:

Wheres bean

JoninSho Brown says:

Wow, i friggen love and want that thing. Putting that on my pick up list. Melting melting… yeah that thing melts!


what’s up beautiful ? ? … another awesome review , Danielle your the best girl … ya need to try some of my premium select honey dab & a few of my hybrid strains , you would be layed out lmao … peace out my ninja ! ! !

AnthonyGoesWild says:

Great Product review and cheers stay stoned! 😀

kung lao says:

Sunday, morning, coffee, weed and dab spot!

tfhssn says:

Is this a dlido review?

Joe Cosgrove says:

Tastes like plastic. Not comparable to PAX.

august van suchtelen says:

Awesome <33

Superman8084 says:

Great review as always! I only use flower and was wondering if you’d recommend this over the focus vape? Stay cool and stay high!!

Danny Palarchio says:

please do a top 5 vape video

Fara Bale says:

Still happy with it so far? I’m getting one for a super price…
One more thing… ehm… sei bellissima!

Peelout420 says:

you’re so beautiful, I love your hair

David Thomas says:

My favorite smiling face on Youtube ..hey Danielle 🙂

NaloConcentrates 710 says:

Great review. I love watching these reviews ✌️. You rock

snowED In Tv says:

the paxs sucks

snowED In Tv says:

o hell yea look like it work 10x better then the paxs

Mr. Ben says:

Way overpriced. I’ll take my flowermate v5.0s any day over this overpriced thing. Great vap flavor, even color burn, insane battery life, and very easy to clean all for around $80 us.

Saltydalty0 says:

Nice review! Quick question….what’s your favorite music to smoke to?

Āris Plūģis says:

the GrassHopper is dee king of portable vaporizers. all other devices have been owned.

supreme god leader great Pepe the Frog says:

$260? wow PASS

Discos Out Murders In says:

Weird how the colour purple seems to be a constant theme in my life – the world needs to know O.O

Big James says:


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