People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes

We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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Lizzie Klein says:

So it’s basically cancer

SG Cosby says:

you can’t smoke a vape, you gotta vape a vape #inspo

Buzz says:

looks like a kazoo

Toby Ford says:

That one guy with the dyed hair looks like a single mom

Meeerx 19 says:

Is it good for ur lungs like I know it’s cool and what so ever but is it safe for our respiratory system

Bennet The Rat says:

do they have thc tho

Andrew Folwaczny says:

they all say they cant feel it because they’re using it wrong… ffs

Chogiwa Hey says:

Is This Legal in Singapore?

Kye Perish says:

You can tell from the beginning of the video they have a bad view on the vape community :/ I hope no one gets the wrong idea from this video. Vaping helps so many people, I just wish someone on the channel would educate them before they tried it. For instance smoke is different from vapor

nikki johnson says:

I can see hour a lavender one would help with anxiety and sleep

Devin Trevor says:

The only thing more annoying than vaping, spinning or rompers is people who can’t think of a better joke than “ha you #vapelyfe f*g” Good one, man, sure got me. Name one thing that’s actually annoying about any of those things other than you just not liking them.

Alicia Harper says:

do you have to be sertent age to smoke one?

Angel Tingle says:

where can I get these?

ThorPanda 21 says:

Does it have nicotine

Spencer Pootis says:

This was uploaded on my birthday!

Molly Katherine says:

It’s not vaping, it’s literally just essential oil, and you’re not even supposed to inhale it.

Sapphire Reed says:

They are not vapes but diffusers for aroma therapy. The company does not call them vapes. Do not be mistaken!

Rea Is Annoying says:

Why are people so mean to people that vape? My grandma and grandpa where smokers and my grandpa died of lung cancer and my grandma went from smoking cigarettes to vaping to nothing

David Martillo says:

how much eucalyptus(dry herb) can you vape without OD?

Austin Show says:

1:05 when u go to church and u don’t want to say weed bc it’s a sin but then again ur smoking

Carmen Mickelson says:

that actually looks really cool like its good for you? it doesn’t have anything like nicotine or anything to make you high? it just basically a candle that you breath? it looks fun tbh

Samantha Ratliff says:

they copied Candace Lowry

Prem Ananda says:

shouldn’t be inhaling it? throw it away…

Christina Grace says:

I personally love those



Astrid Toftegaard says:

they’re not even doing it correctly. you aren’t supposed to exhale, you’re supposed to blow it out of your nose.

Emily D says:


Ben Dover says:

Is it healthy atleast

Destiny Hughes says:

Some of these people are experienced

Peyton C says:

There will be smoke in your lungs NOOOO

Murdo Anton says:

Your not supposed to do it constantly and you exhale through the nose

Lizelly says:

Those aren’t vapes but k

Skookum Bitingfish says:


EpixDevo says:

They ain’t no smokers dope smokers enjoy the smokes

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