my monq review

hey kiddos.
in todays video I’m reviewing these new essential oil diffusers !
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ig: @av.em
sc: avemarin


Trane Sonic says:


DagamerJc22 says:

We need to smash

Its Kristin says:

Is it safe if your under 18 ?

Brianna H says:

l monq isnt a vape!!!!!

Londonevann says:

i have mountain and i luv!! but it’s almost out so i’m getting the 4 pack for christmas

SthorTV says:

Yay yay yay

Exo Rev says:

I live in Utah, too!

Jéssica Mendes says:

long time no see

Matyáš Hrubý says:

Inhaling anything to your lungs that is not supposed to be there is never completly safe.

Mathilda Eklund Kilhult says:

that is not really a COMPLETE vape but its cute.


Blake Duris says:

Are they heavy?

Lorna Tw says:

I hope you felt okay after that mini over inhalation! <3 If you have not already could you do an update of how these were long term? xx

Jon Lemierte says:

i will purchase one because you have convinced me, btw how long do they last ???

Rosemary Vigil says:

You’re such a charming personality!


is this vaping tho? it’s aromatherapy

Pros Atlas says:

Monq is not vaping its aromatherapy.

Cristiano Gonçalves says:

i´m from Manaus city dear….s2
Brazil love you so much and me too….s2

Trane Sonic says:

vaping saved my life from 20 year cigarette addiction

Pukar S says:

Is there an age for monq

s p a c e d says:

MONQ isn’t vape lol

Unstoppable Ninja says:

Your pretty

Walter Dorsey says:

Quite an informative post. Believe it or not, but that fact that using an e cig is DIFFERENT than smoking a cigarette helps you disassociate the ritual of smoking with satiating your nicotine cravings. However, there’s no doubt that there is a little bit of a learning curve when you first start vaping. Click here for more information:

Xx_Iphone_xX says:

I try the zen one and had a little headache. I still prefer nutro vape =)

Lorna Tw says:

Just found out that all these pens actually contain almost the same of the other ingredients as well as the 3 that you see on the label. hmmm. I’m still going to buy one- do you think they will still be fine after shipping?

Dmitry sent says:

did you try traditional cigarettes after this?

Cristiano Gonçalves says:


LPS Anya says:

Title-firts time vaping!
Me-its a defuser…not a vape xd

boosted turned up says:

Vaping is only 4 ingredients in that’s it

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