MiniMax PRO Keychain Oil Vaporizer by HoneyStick | All features, How to, 510 Thread, Temperature

When you need to fly under the radar, make that exclusive venue, or just want a unit that you never leave home without – the MiniMax PRO is the best unit for your everyday oil vaping.

As a follow up to our MiniMax original this unit has the same great size but takes incognito to a new level with 650mAh Battery and its switch blade, cartridge ejecting action.

Put it on your key ring and it looks like the key to an expensive luxury car, use it as a vape and it offer big vaporizer power and functionality all in a micro sized unit. MiniMax PRO has 3 temperatures and fits even the wide prefilled cartridges.
The unit also has a pre-heat function of to get carts going. Start your engine with a HoneyStick MiniMax PRO vaporizer that offers big rips, big battery life, all in a cool stealthy package.
MiniMax PRO Dimensions: 3” L x 1.5” W x 0.8” H
Fits even the wide pre-filled oil tanks or cartridge up to 11mm

Get your Key FOB Vaporizer w/ Push Button – ‘Switchblade’ Action today!

Use Promo: HONEY420 to save 20% on your entire purchase.

Comment if you have any questions and we will answer them in our next video 😎


Chilly says:

I have the original minimax and I love it that thing rips decent clouds for the size 8/10 and is discreet.

Farrukh R says:

i have 3 options: Dabix labs 2.0, O2VAPE Flip Platinum Edition, and Minimax PRO.

which one would you guys recommend when comparing all 3?

Natasha Goodman says:

what is the correct voltage color combination? the user guide states different corresponding color for the different voltages than outlined in the video. thank you!

dean witt says:

Got mine it won’t preheat when I turn it on and it won’t hit it just came out the box and I fully charged it

JonahTheHartman Productions says:

I’ve been trying to use mine but whenever I click the button it just flashes red and doesn’t let me hit it, can you help me with that I’m not sure what’s wrong with it.

Josh OBrien says:

Do the cloud tanks fit in the phantom?

herb mcgruff says:

Just got one about a month ago & it worked great up until 2 days ago, for some reason it just doesn’t want to smoke anymore. I put it to charge to see if that was the problem but no luck. When I plug the charger in , it blinks about 20 times then goes off… is there anyway to fix this issue?

Supernoob Smith says:

It’s cool, but a little big for a keychain. I think the Beekeeper has the ULTIMATE form factor. Put that on a keychain. My suggestions:

Make the usb port more sturdy.
Add a little cap like a flip top to protect tip.
Make a silicone cover for it.

It’s just the perfect shape, like a Bic lighter but better. And you could also make it smaller if you desired. The thing has enough juice to get the form factor even smaller. Lasts way beyond a 50ml cartridge.

Victor V says:

Ordered mine last month and the minimax pro feels really really cheap. Its made of thin plastic and has no weight to it. The battery seems really weak too as it gives out when heating up the wax. I bought a 25 dollar battery from a headshop and works x10 better. Its more of a party trick and cool to have more than practical. 3/10 wouldnt recommend especially for $36.

Sebastian Pizxa says:

Im gonna purchase my first vaporizer for oil and i saw the previous model and was going to get it, and when i saw this one and how the cartridge is hidden i was blown away

K says:

This guy reminds me of Taco from the league.

Jose J Cortes says:

Can you fit a 2 gram cartridge?

Sweet D Law says:

So is there an exact date these will be coming out and also am I the only one that noticed the vape pen moving in the case box on the left in the background it’s just constantly shaking yet no other ones move at all

Alex Kahn says:

Does it come with a tank

gzus584 says:

Can you add a turn on when flipped functionality? All the clicking gets old real quick. That’s the one feature they got you beat on.

hector torres says:

Can u use a timeless cartiage???

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