Marijuana E Liquid ADVANCED Tutorial HOW TO MAKE Cannabis E Juice from weed or keif

NEW 2017 Method! Make pure vapeable e liquid at home WITHOUT the use of any glycerin or glycol. Check links for ingredients below
BUY Terpene solution-
glass mixing vessel-
A cheap straightener with lowtemp settings-


Raul the SAV Hernandez says:

blah blah blah blah

Dylan Harris says:


XxScarfacexX123 says:

Title says he doesn’t add anything but then he adds terps filled with limonene smh

Tom Penfold says:

Can you just use the already made flavoured e-juice with nicotine instead of the turpines? Cant find the answer anywhere!!

sriyansh bhardawaj says:

God bless you

Benny Blanco says:

Teen wolf you need some nair your dick beaterz lol

Chris Tonn says:

What’s E juice? Electronic juice? So vape oil? Or concentrates? I see vape oil I believe sorry. Bad day for me… so FB but says an error occurred watching 4 mins in

Alex Mcnasty says:

why is he so twitchy lol good vid tho

Denny Cofer says:

Awesome video!! Great Job with simplifying the process to make it very easy for anyone to do. Keep up the awesome work you do!!

kasra dastranj says:

Dose it get u high or it’s just better to smoke the bud

Kyle Duggan says:

So I just received my $20 1ml of the potion sour desiel. Just as you used in the vid. Doesn’t smell good at all…

Justin Peyton says:

REsin or ROsin?

brian jacquet says:

Ej mix suck

Ken mcC says:

whats the high like when vaping

CL Supreme says:

U are quite a swarthy gentleman aren’t u?? Lol J/k bro. Great vid

Zayna Specyal says:

Advice: red words on black background does not read well. Either have the letters a brighter color that contrasts or have a lighter outline to the letters to stand out easier.

mark smith says:

Haha curling iron.

Derrick Kimball says:

Great dude!!!!!

Seri0us Dan says:

what paper are u using whats that name called ? rosin ? im from germany is it like baking paper ?

Rey Reyna says:

Is this stronger than the wax liquiderizer

Arvin Kent Paguinto says:

Is hard

marine v14 says:

Id bet it doesnt wick properly in a ecig mod.

Ty says:

instead of the terpene solution can i just use regular vape juice

Justin Peyton says:

Is that the flavor have thc and legal ? Or is it just flavor

L Acid Trip L says:

“Not all nugs are created equal” ALL NUG LIVES MATTER!!!

MatriX matt says:

What vape is that?

James Hall says:

We’re do you buy your needless?

Ninfox Odna says:


insta kill says:

was the terpene not an additive…

Mike Cissell says:

I’ve been using this method for several months now with much success and since I found this video, I’ve also been a repeat customer of I’ve tried several other liquidizers and terpenes, but these organic terpenes have given me the best results. I recommend avoiding all PEG, PPG and other artificial liquidizers as these are not good for your lungs and may be responsible for such conditions as “popcorn lung”. Not only may they cause health problems after long-term habitual use, but these are much less effective when it comes to the blending of your concentrate and liquidizer. I find that the PEG/PPG requires more to liquidize and therefore decreases the potency of the final product. These organic terpenes work great on their own. 7-8 drops is modest, though, and it will depend on the consistency your product.

I found myself using an entire 1ml (roughly 60 drops) per 2 grams of sugar wax which would result in x6 500mg cartridges. I use a pyrex tube and flash heated with a torch for only a few seconds, stir, then cool in cold water so to reduce the time that the product is at high heats. Repeat about 2 more times, or until the product is clear and translucent. I’m very confident in my product so, thanx 760!

nadergt1 says:

The shit should be legal & sold on Amazon already mixed for smoking .

catcubus says:

How much smell does this produce? As in, would you be safe to make this in “no smoking” apartment or no? Trying to find a cheaper method of vaping vs buying the cartridges from my local shop.

femtifem55 says:

664 people did’nt have a hair straightener laying around 🙁

Keller mcalpin says:

Trycombs haha good method tho bud.

Hunter Gulledge says:

can you use pg to do the same thing

ArmyOfKittens ZyzzBruh says:

Oh buddy that paper sound killed my ears @ 8:30

Amin Quiñones says:

Where can I buy the disposable atomizer hes using?

Brian Porchia says:

He talks to fucking much

Jonathan Turnbull says:

Just buy alcohol and do it the right way…. good video but you could get more goodness from that green my dude.

lucas gomez says:

Quien argentino

Tyesha Finley says:

How long do I heat the bud on the straightener?

Alex Bulucea says:

Is there an alternative to the solution your using to mix the weed oil with

cal goodson says:

Great video! Also where can i get that potion mix???

Drake Miles says:

Just use coconut oil.. and go online and google how much wax to coconut oil.. its what some companies use to ensure all organic products.

Mark, Booth. says:

Where do you buy the rosin, or make it? Use the kief?

Roy Durr says:

Can u still smoke the nug??

cal goodson says:

I don’t get the bitching bc he talks you through the prosses!? Honestly it’s better then him showing what he’s doing bc he’s giving facts and better ways of doing things. If u don’t like his video then get to steppin and go back to watching porn in you’re parents basments or eat tide pods lol. Guy knows his shit so you should listen.

Heather Vantress says:

What is the thc cbd counts on this method? How many grams of flower do you need to make 1 gram?

Is it like the 76%+ thc oils, or the less?

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