Linx Hypnos Zero- All Ceramic Concentrate Vaporizer FIRST IMPRESSION/REVIEW

This product WAS sent to me from review. The opinions said all are my own.

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Haight Ashbury Music says:

great review! completely sold, thanks!! (now I get a break from the highly technical thousands I’ve watched in the last 2 weeks) your cat even jumped out of my screen and into my lap for a few scratches behind the ear…HAWCHU!! (allergic a little)

melanie warren says:

yesssssss! 🙂

MonkeyFeetMonkeyShoes says:

LOL your cat being a cat

jimmy says:

will this unit work with herbs?

WickedG5150 Forever says:

I just ordered the same one. :))))

Richard Saner says:

I seen you use the PIN and man I got to have me one leaks

Wonder Bud says:

i cant decide this or dabado flash :/

Ross says:

Bought this bc of your excellent review. Love it. Thanks!

Pharos says:

buying this Friday?
pros and con’s I should know?

Mclovin69 says:

Hahaha love the review & you did an awesome job with the cohesive video editing!

airsoft sk8sesh says:

is the Puffco Plus better?

Kostas Koutroulos says:

Looking to buy this for CBD crystals. Is it going to be ok?

Cheryl Phelan says:

Ordered one today:) You are wicked stoned girl:)

The Herben Legend says:

Hard to watch this video cause I can’t help but stare at your face

a as says:

Sebastian has perfect timing ….soon as you about to smoke hahahaha most videos lol

Cody Prince says:

it’s an OK pen but there customer service totally sucks…. they could care less about there customers your better off with a Kandy pen

Dagan Love says:

omg..I vape too and I can’t wait till concentrate vapes are that strong. thatll be amazing. It’s gonna be a one hit and you just drop dead lol

rafael lewis says:

I don’t know if anyones mentioned this already, but you are very pretty. If you’re not doing anything later, I was thinking you could move to my city and be my girlfriend. My plan is to get a job at Dominoes delivering pizzas so I can get you a nice motel to live in. Than you can visit at my place, and we’ll tell my Mom you are my math tutor. We’ll have to leave the door open, but I if you’re into it (I’ll wear some cologne), we could probably play footsies. Don’t worry if you have a boyfriend, I’ve already budgeted for karate lessons. What do you say? We’ve already done this much planning, why not go for it? 🙂


Anthonyrz says:

caught your dudelikehella intro and meandered my way over here. what a pleasant surprise.

Crazy High Thoughts says:

@9:26 is why this needed a Cap well a good example of it.

Wonder Bud says:

the cat interupts all the time poor doggy lol

Pavelli La Plug says:

this is GARBAGE DONT BUY!!!!!! I bought this from listening to this review !! LOL THIS IS FOR AMATURES!!! THIS WILL NOT GET A SEASON VET HIGH!!!!!
and plus 30 dollars a coil !!!!!! come on … buy the CHEAP yocan PLUS and thank me later. what a waste of money THANKS positive smash

Green Fortytwo says:

Seems really weak compared to a Kandypen or Puffco. Might be worth it if it were $15-20


LOL You’re so baked by the end. Hilarious.

maye adam says:

Awesome device review. I wish I could tolerate concentrates, I did it once and it rendered me useless lol.

Tx713281832 says:

I love how around 2:45 you show us wuth your phone thats very cool and is very appreciated. I really wanted to know what it looked like inside. You’re the only one who has done this. Thank you! Should I buy this?

H A says:

Love the lighter collection!

Yopo Ono says:

do you have a doberman dog? oh how cute 🙂 and your little boy is also totally cute..I know an other cat, with very similar appearance to him…and I would love to try the Linx Vapo as well…hehe

Rob says:

Some people may think Linx sponsors you because of your reactions but I got one myself and the taste is unparalleled from a pen. I don’t need huge clouds so the red setting on the ceramic bowl is great when I’m ripping. Yellow or green is where im usually at to conserve the magic. Blue seems pointless to me lol

Vapletrichs Gne says:

i wonder how many cat hairs we have dabbed LOL!

likes2poo says:

awwww dobie pup!!! <3

Peter Breau says:

Loved the pen at first but it doesn’t stand up to daily wear and tear if you plan to carry this with you on a regular basis. I never broke a mouth piece but went though 3 atomizers in 6 months (on pase for 6 a year). If you live outside the US the shipping options are terrible. If you still decide to order it don’t bother paying extra for 3 day shipping as it wont arrive on time. Its a waste of money.

There customer service is some of the worst in the game. I was warned about this by other users before purchasing but now have had the displeasure of dealing with them personally.

Smoking – 5 out of 5
Longevity – 2.5 out of 5
Customer Service – 1 out of 5

Over all I would not recommend.

NickCorreia9 says:

Just ordered one of these.. Hopefully I like it as much as I liked this review really well done

DubbieJordin says:


Dagan Love says:

The puppy just wants to be a weed tuber too lol

fmonk says:

That is one fine cat. You’re fine too. Thanks for the review. Just ordered one. 🙂

Annonymoose says:

Hey ashley!, please dont take this personally but please try to convince your grandpa to do some weed there are no health risks to be concerned with and it will ease his symptoms it might not cure it but it is a natural way to deal with pain and cannabis has been proven to relieve symptoms of pain. And speaking of… does your grandpa and grandma approve of cannabis?

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