KandyPens Galaxy Review – Quartz Vape Pen For Wax & Oil

My review of the Galaxy vape pen from KandyPens – See my rating here: https://www.vapecritic.com/kandypens-galaxy/

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c0pyimitati0n says:

I talked my boss into carrying this and the donut, and my god the Galaxy is a beast of a pen. I’ve only had it for a couple weeks, but it is the best pen that i have ever used. How is it holding up over time? Does it clog? How long does the coil last?

4evargraffiti says:

Hey man, great content. Would you mind making a cleaning tutorial for this particular pen?

Erick Meza says:

Is this better than the Gigawax 4:20C?

lacrahuntington says:

can u do dmt in that??

mybestpieces says:

Buy this!! Buy the Galaxy and then go to Puffco and order their atomizer for $15 and BOOM you have the absolute Best Atomizers on the market. Truth is these companies use the same Chinese manufactures,. so All you need to do is buy a cheap three level battery and then buy the Puffco Tip for $15.00 and Boom for $55 you have both of these units in one for cheap. However, if you want a Lifetime Warranty battery you can get that with Galaxy, so it may well be worth it to buy the Galaxy and the Puffco Atomizer. They are both the absolute BEST atomizers on the market Hands Down!!!!

Giedrius says:

Is this would work with oil concentrate?
If not which one you will recommend for oils?

Kintz says:

it looks nice but i feel like its gonna break and just have the light flash and be unusable after a few days, how long have you been using it. can you confirm that it will not break ?

Adam Rosenberg says:

discount seems to no longer five you a free spare atomizer.
EDIT it does! great pen

Andrew Schofield says:

also, if u had to choose between the galaxy and the black edition pen which would it be? Somebody else asked this question but u didn’t respond !

MakeupAndArtByLM 19 says:

I’m new to this and doing my research so excuse the dumb question, does this work with juice

Major Greenz says:

can you use bubble hash in this ?

Toolband42O says:

I bought this pen based on your review, I got it last night 🙂 And it is fucking amazing man! Thank you so much for giving this your seal of approval. I’m very very happy with it.

Brian says:

Truly a great product . just got one myself , this thing knocks me on my ass lol

Jay Cee says:

just bought one love it!!!

Guillaume Besner says:

im new to this .. and this will sound like a stupid question, but is this for canabis or for tobacco smoker .. :S

FR33MAS0N1 says:

I find this review to be accurate as per my experience with this pen and Here is my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

 Well after a month of what I would consider light use at an average of 2 pulls per day. I have had to recharge it once a week but a lot of drain on the battery come from cleaning the coils and chamber. I found it necessary to clean as I have put in as much as .4g of oil and shatter. When the chamber is full of concentrate, it will boil and bubble over and out of the chamber, as soon as you take your finger off the button, the chamber begins to rapidly cool off. If there is oil around those little inlet vents and inner top rim of the heating chamber, the concentrate will get drawn in and begin to clog the air inlet chamber. I have found that a weekly cleaning as described below is necessary to keep the coils and chamber in top working order.
It is best to use nice and pure concentrates which are hard to find and very pricey in my neck of the woods. If High quality shatter was readily available and solely used in this pen, the cleaning interval would be closer to two weeks for me. If you only have dark oils and concentrates like me, be careful not to burn it off down to carbon and ash as it coats the coils in a very hard buildup that won’t clean off and makes the unit less efficient. ***BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE FOLLOWING, I ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE MATERIALS ON A NEW PEN WILL NOT REACT WITH ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. DO YOUR RESEARCH IF YOU DECIDE TO TRY THE SAME. *** For cleaning the coils and chamber unit, mouth piece and/or stem, I personally use and stress the necessary use of a pure anhydrous Isopropyl alcohol which is an electronics grade alcohol that is used for cleaning electronics such as mother boards etc. and is 99.953% pure with virtually no residue left after evaporation.  (http://www.mgchemicals.com/products/cleaning-products-for-electronics/cleaners/electronic-cleaners/liquid-electronic-cleaners/isopropyl-alcohol-824). Anyways, I soak the coil for a few hours and then use a rubber stopper with an air fitting attached to blow out the chamber from the bottom. I then put the coil in a fresh alcohol bath to remove any last residue especially around the check valve type system that depends on a tiny bit of movement so I repeat the fresh alcohol bath and blow-out  twice.  I then put the pen back together and hook a tube up to the mouthpiece and a vacuum pump and run the pen on green a couple of times to properly purge the coils and air inlet system.  I also recommend to get a second coil with the initial purchase if it already doesn’t come with an extra. I ordered 4 Galaxy coils and feel that will set me up for quite a few years worth of great use.

I have done this for all of the pens that I own so the cleaning is not a con for me personally but I would consider it a bit on the excessive side for keeping the chambers in my pens clean.
So if you are not into cleaning often, use high quality concentrates in smaller quantities at .25g or less.

Crypticus says:

I just bought this based on this video & I find it IMPOSSIBLE to get the kind of clouds this video has shown unless the chamber is basically empty & burning off the refuse. My Galaxy pen, while well loaded with high quality shatter has never produced a single visible hit like this. Also, wax leaks into the threads when the pen in laid down.

Aileen Pevia says:

What top vape pens do you recommend for concentrates

xXTDXMCXx says:

Wait hol up is this candy cause the brand is candy pens

The Vape Critic says:

still the best pen and i recently bumped my rating to a 94 — http://www.vapecritic.com/vaporizers/kandypens-galaxy/

Marco Allah says:

this guy is too cool for school … love my galaxy … I’ve saved more money dabbing than smoking … and it’s much more discreet

Colton Papa says:

is there any reason you don’t have a video for the Dr Dabber Aura? I saw it was highly rated on the website, so I was just wondering

Izzy Dom says:

This is or Dr Dabber?

DestroyerOfWombs says:

Recently purchased a Galaxy Tornado kit (thanks for the discount and free atomizer!). I’m interested in the source orb 4, but I don’t want to buy another whole unit yet. Would the orb 4 atomizer fit, and function with the galaxy battery?

alec says:

hey man, i just bought a galaxy and did a factory burn but only on the red setting and then loaded it with some dabs and when im hitting it its really burning my throat. any ideas ?

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