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CCell Palm
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CCell TH2 Oil Cartridge
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CCell M6T Oil Cartridge
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Concentrates are becoming ever more popular and for good reason! You can fit so much active ingredient in such a small package that they are convenient and can be very strong for medicating. Oil Cartridges are a super convenient way to transport and consume your concentrate, join me as I cover how to fill a cartridge, and then as I review a popular oil system, the CCell Palm & TH2 Atomizer!

The Palm by CCell is a tiny, ultra portable but powerful concentrate vaporizer that delivers a hard to beat experience when paired with a TH2 Atomizer! The Palm is incredibly easy to use with no buttons or adjustments to make, just attach almost any 510 threaded oil cartridge to the included magnetic adapter, insert and inhale! An LED will illuminate while the heater is activated, and you only need to inhale for 2-4 seconds at a time to produce a surprisingly large and super smooth draw. The vaporizer is incredibly small and portable, but a full cartridge and battery can last for many, many draws – up to a week of use or more for many users! We recommend the TH2 as our overall favourite oil atomizer due to it’s industry leading ceramic atomizer that will work with even a thick concentrate consistency, but can the system be your daily driver? Join me as I answer these questions and many more!

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Dank Memes says:

can u review the ccell dart when it releases

Josh Lee says:

Look up Wax! It’s a PG you melt concentrates into. I haven’t tried to make or use but looks cool!

A Wolff says:

What blunt tip needle do you recommend? And do you have them on your website? I couldn’t find them

Mike M says:

The first time I smoked crack was with a can

Emanuel Brown says:


Kenny Silvan says:

Yo, ccell’s are so amazing! Have had tons of the white ceramic tiped ones and the ones with a circular mouth tip. They’re great!

Random Dude says:

Put your shatter or wax or whatever into a shotglass, add some vape juice, or pure pg or vg, fire it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds

Sally OMalley says:

Try the Amigo Liberty v9 cartridges. So easy to fill you don’t even need a blunt tip! They’ll fit in your same battery too.

Dazanar says:

we sure have come a long way 🙂

jesseeatsbrains says:

When you mentioned recommendations for good wax liquidizers, I’ve tried Wax Liquidizer (the brand), but it just ended up making my concentrates almost black. Even when I followed the directions I just couldn’t get consistent results. I didn’t think putting just the distillate would work when loading the pens so I’ll definitely give that a try next. Other FC and reddit users seemed to be having good results with Holy Terp. I would love to buy some and send it over to the channel to get reviewed, because the concept seemed interesting. Lemme know what you think? Keep it green! (P.S. Still loving my hydrobrick by the way man, thanks!)

Jim says:

The ccell palm is a great product. Best I’ve found for prefilled carts. Thanks for the video! PS pure distillate is the way to go. Wax liquidizers just turn black in the carts and taste fake. Plus you would need winterized concentrate which is a pain to do

Emcee Moniker says:

Someone gave me a palm at the cannabis cup. It’s great

James Jones says:

I’d guess the ceramic would last a long time. I use ceramic coils in Ecigs. And they last way longer even with the sweet sugary liquids plant oils would be cleaner I find

Michael McKenzie says:

First time I did the bent coke can hit was about 1975! Oh, the memories!

Pandzilla says:

So can I use this with my other 510 cartridges (of the same size) this might be a real contender in the market!

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