HoneyStick BeeKeeper 2.0 Oil Vaporizer | New & Improved | Best 510 Thread Vape Concealer

Dan Hoff Introduces the follow up to the best 510 thread vape concealer the beekeeper with the launch of the 2.0 version., This ultimate concealer is improved to fit wide cartridges, have a better connection and more capacity. It is the best way to vape 510 thread cartridges and fixes as well as updates the feedback we received on the original beekeeper. HoneyStick is very proud to add the beekeeper 2.0 to the product mix and launching the limited-edition multi-color beekeeper with a high performance 510 thread cartridge. For stealth concealability, big vapor and a great way to vape 510 thread cartridges.

Shop for The BeeKeeper 2.0 at http://www.vapehoneystick.com

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Vape Responsibly and STAY LIFTED! 💨💨💨 & BEE Easy! 😎


Mimikyu The Pokémon says:

Just placed an order on this one. I’m currently using stiiizy but I really wanna try your product and with the 2.0 I can’t wait

Spanish Fly says:

Leaning towards something thru you guys. I like that 510 one

Jabari B says:

Can a 550 cartridge work with this vaporizer?

Supernoob Smith says:

Tip idea. A simple piece of electrical tape will fix any wobble. As I use mine in my pocket during action sports I’d rather it not wobble. And gorilla tape on the outside works great for grip with sweaty hands.

Anton Chigurh says:

I’ve been using the OG BeeKeeper for about a year and it has been flawless except I had to break the top plate so I could fit the wider carts in it. I got the 2.0 in the other morning and I’m kinda shocked at how wide they made it. Now I feel like I’m throwing a hotdog down a hallway, other than that this thing is perfect just like before. The battery in the “beekeeper1.0” still performs just like it did brand new (April 2018). There’s a shop near me that sells a generic version(identical) to these, problem is they suck.

Announce when you get the chameleon colored ☝️ in, please.

Bits 4 you says:

My favorite vape pen was the original beekeeper. I need to get my hands on this. Would love to review it.

Ivan R says:

Dan Hoff you guys should sell those hard plastic cases without the foam being cut out and sell extra foam as well

Baby D says:

Just picked up the beekeeper at my local vape shop came home started to charge it red light came on its been many hours and the red light still hasnt gone off or changed blue..is something wrong how do i know when it is fully charged????

Mimikyu The Pokémon says:

Why is there so much noise coming from the 2.0? I pick it up from the table and there’s something shaking in the inside even without the cartridge

Nomadic Fanatic stickers says:

You’re repaging yocan.

Supernoob Smith says:

This makes me happy. 😀 You guys rock.

Alexis Martinez says:

Greetings HoneyStick. Nice upgrade. Will you guys be revamping the phantom as well?

parkwaydrive77 says:

forgiving me, i am new to vaping, but its for ‘oils’ right? can you vape a propylene glycol cartridge? is propylene glycol an oil? what about vegetable glycerin?

E. Cura says:

Keep the videos coming!

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