Heavy Hitters Solventless Concentrate Cartridge & Pens Review (1G OG Kush + 2.2G Blue Dream)

Heavy Hitters Solventless Concentrates cartridges get a chance to live up to their name! Unboxing, Usage & Review of the 1G OG Kush + 2.2G Blue Dream cartys. Learn about Heavy Hitters online:

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Banana Man Love says:

can you do one on spliffin pure plz

Pink213 Sin says:

How much does the HH battery go for? Im in cali

Backwood Flexer says:

cool intro fucker

BaIIzz DE3P says:

niiigggaa I read some comments they said 85-100 bruhh I get that shit for 80 (2.2)n the 1g two 65

Panners says:

“You will cry” lmao

Rita F. says:

how does blue dream make you feel? i haven’t tried cannabis. but im looking into that blue dream vape lol any tips for first timers?

John Panella says:

Send me one I’m in fl sucks can’t just get one at dispensery

lolzmoo1 says:

Heavy Hitters SUCK now. The taste sucks cock, the oil is really thick, cartridges clog, nothing about this oil is premium. Try 710 KingPen or Honey Vape.

DJbace1 says:

Just picked up a Heavy Hitter Pineapple Express .05gram so bomb

Richard Arsonman says:

I dig em i get same brand in san diego. So far tried bubba. Og. & jack herer. All on point as fuck. I highly recommend this cartridges

Eric Sanchez says:

I bought a 1g cartridge from heavy hitters and at first it worked but then now it doesn’t work. Nothing is broken and the battery is charged. The metal plate at the bottom makes contact with the battery plate. Can somebody help?

Fernie Flores says:

Warning! before you buy, this brand has tested positive for pesticides in CA as well as many others. Do your research choose wisely.

Arturo Uruena says:

Heavy hitters cartridges have yet to break on me. I drop them once a day

DeepGlaze says:

To anyone starting to get into the cartridges get yourself a good battery none of those shitty no button batteries that activate from just inhaling

Kaylin Valiente says:

Hey do they do online shipments?

R M says:

I overmedicate often

Erok42 PTA6 says:

Are these refillable

CL U says:

Can you mix brands of batteries and cartridges? I’m using a Heavy Hitters Auto-draw battery with my Brass Knuckles Cartridge. Is anything going to malfunction?

Jamaal Abdul-Rahim says:

san diego got it for $65 yall overpaying

alexis gonzalez says:

He said it looks like a rifle lmao

Dave Blvnko says:

How long they stay good when u used a cartridge? Can u switch cartridges or do they need to be used at once?

Joel Brown says:

Matt another great review. I have a variable voltage battery 3.2 or 3.3 volts is great. This is the new WAVE CO2 ! That 2.2 gram is BO$$. VAPELIFE

Chip Hall says:

Review the Quattro

Ariel Harmony says:

Can you guys please review things I can order online or a view things from other states!

ABRE DIAZcx v C crtc says:

Any way someone can get one of these to New York send me a plug

T U R K - 1 8 2 says:

It’s not getting “high” it’s getting medicated!

ihibili says:


mike maceda says:

Anyone else here ever bought a faulty cartridge?
I barely bought my own HH (max) battery yesterday noon and I was satisfied with it for a while, till one of my cartridges just stopped working. (OG Kush)
It still has oil in it but for some reason when I try holding the button, it blinks *purple-ish,* (red/blue).

Now I know it’s not my battery, since I’ve tried putting the cartridge in another battery, which in turn didn’t work. Ive also tried putting another cartridge on my recently bought battery and it works. All I can say is that it might be a faulty cartridge, or idk, man.
If I want to exchange my faulty one, do I need to go back to the dispensary of where I bought it from? or do I need to contact the HH’s directly?
Help, anyone?

james bond says:

lmao roll and cry

Dexter Zoldyck says:

Who knows if yu could bring a cartridge on a plane


I lost it when he said overmedicate because you can never be too high

Ayzoh says:

How much are those carts

cheezr323 says:

Heavy hitters are way better than Brass Knuckles! more potent and they don’t taste like hooka cigs

Benji Palomar says:

Has anybody finished the 2.2 gram cartridge i want to know if the coils last and the how the taste is after a while i just bought one today

Based Gucci says:

Did this dude say a 2 gram cart lasts him a couple weeks? God damn. Is my tolerance that high. I finish a 1 gram in 2 to 3 days. Lmao smh I’m bad

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