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The Vape Critic says:

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jaede rockwood says:

K, can you just use oils? Like can I just load the tank with essential oils? Or do I also need to put wax in there? Is wax just another type of concentrate? –>super no noob here

Bunning Herb says:

Hey man firstly I would like to say I’m loving the videos, I’ve recently ordered a magic flight box 2014 as I wanna stop smoking so many joints, working class so I am pretty limited to choices, I hope this new vaping thing works out. Have a good day all the way from the UK

Flavio Godinez says:

What model is this?

ReeferMadness TV says:

How long does the coil lasts for and how much does the coils cost?

Syd Black says:

I bought one on boxing day so did my coworker both of ours are not working now the battery is fully charged and the light turns on but the heating element is not getting hot at all. Any suggestions?

Chuck Gotcha says:

Could you please do a review on the G Pen Herbal Pro?  Would really enjoy to see it in the near future… Also really enjoy watching your vids, keep doin what your doin

HeadScape Gallery says:

I see you have the Atmos R2 can you do a review for it? it is the best pen ive tried for concentrates!

Giftied says:

so this “G-pen” vs ” dr.dabber ghost”…..which do you prefer…and who copied who?

Dr Kodak recommends broccoli says:

Hey do you know if the G Pen Slim is good? I want to get my first vape and it’s super affordable but I just want to make sure it’s worth a buy.

aspired2be says:

Can you do a video of herbal vaporizers on a budget? Wondering how the Snoop Dog G Pen (herbal vape) compares to others in the same price range. Thanks man, been loving your vids.

young melon says:

Is this only for waxes or can u vaporize weed too

BaroOn says:

+The Vape Critic Hi buddy! Can you PLS review the CloudV Phantom herbal vape? It looks like this one will be the next big star for portable vaporizers with low costs! Its pen style and the smallest and sneakiest one ive seen since now. I really want to give it a try but i would feel much better if you reviewed it before you know 😛 Greetz from germany! J.

Leslie Bakang says:

any good pens that you recommend for under $60 that i can smoke my marijuana with?

VoltaicYT says:

How much are the tools worth?

Joshua Smith says:

ok so im new to using vaporizers. I just got the g slim and i bought some e liquid from 7/11. When ever i try to smoke, hardly any smoke comes out. Am i doing something wrong?

Phuck Hugh says:

Are all Pen vapes bad for herb and only truly useful for wax?

killerhappy214598 says:

dont waste your money on these wax pens kids. just get a ecig mod such a k100 series with a simply atty such as igo-w5
dual coil build w/ wax and ejuice is the best way to go tbh

Jasman Dhaliwal says:

What do u load it with

Butta Stackz ™ says:

Have you tested “Trippy Sticks” yet?  Paul wall/Pimp C branded versions have been released.  Also are there any pens that are not oil/wax based?  

Jesse Singer says:

I am anxiously awaiting your reviews on the new mighty and crafty vapes by S&B, I know they will be very informative. 
keep up the good works and as always keep vapeing.

Joseph Rafac says:

can you do a review on the new gpen and cloudv phantom 

Sammy Sain says:

Solid review!

Anyke Brown says:

hi i have a question , when you blow smoke out does it smell like weed? because i use the g pen pro the other day and it doesn’t really smell like weed when you blow out so no one can tell your smoking weed really? I am interested in the one in your video because it’s smaller, I just don’t want it to smell ( i’m low key)

Ismita says:

What happen if the vaporizer was connected to the switch around 12-13 hours??

Don Papi 420 says:

How many wraps is that wire (kanthal) ? Not trying to seem like a dick, i vape e cigs just interested in the construction.

Awesome vid.

Peace from the Bronx

G Funk says:

Wasup vape critic? Have you seen storz & Bickelz new battery powered portable vaporizers? When will you review? They look dope.

Jomari Claude Fabunan says:

what’s the juice here? is it the same with e-liquid?

Jesse Bokma says:

Which pen should I use for hash? Like regular black hash

Daniel Peralta says:

Can you smoke kief out of this

chronic604production says:

I don’t know if this was asked already but you said that G Pen was in your top 5 for extract pens, what would be the best pen to get for dry herbs? Also how good are these companies with customer service for replacement parts?

Malik Yopp says:

can u smell it when smoking?

Phuck Hugh says:

Could you please review the Flowermate V5.0s?  It is a $99 portable vaporizer and said to be as good as the Pax.at a fraction of the cost. 

Napoleon NK says:

can you smoking weed in?

Nimal Antony says:


bevan rogan white says:

1:27 did this with my pen and it turned off as well did no it did that until now

Mark Camancho says:

can you use like regular ejuice ??

Neil Dattani says:

Hey man thanks for the video review…I noticed you said that the G pen is in the top 5 for vapor quality and volume. In your experience what are the other vape pens that produce the most vapor??

Joe Blow says:

are you going to have a chance to review the atmos boss? looks pretty cool thought its probably similar to the last atmos pen vaporizer you reviewed

Kevin Farrell says:

can you do the new one? the gpen elite?

Revolutionary says:

Are you going to get a Sublimator? I’d love to see that reviewed

Paras Turakhia says:

I bought the Atmos R2, I am trying to burn through some waxy type substances. I feel like the R2’s coil doesn’t actually give of enough heat or redness in its coil. Any recommendations on a better pen to maybe upgrade it too?

HoonurTX says:

Wait, so if the atomizers only lasts about 8 weeks, do you have to buy new atomizers for all pens every 2 months? Are they expensive to replace?

Bruce Dickinson says:

You mentioned this was top 5. Do you have a #1 oil / wax pen?

darrenwilsonV2 says:

Snoop pen combusts for sure. Im surprised to see you reviewing this one Bud. Order this direct from China. Dirt cheap.

Johnathon Roberts says:

I love your reviews! They have inspired me to buy 2 vapes in the past 3 months already and I’m planning on upgrading my Extreme Q to either a Volcano or Herbie soon! I also bought a Firefly as soon as I seen your review and it’s absolutely wonderful.
I couldn’t ask for a better vape critic, thanks.

Joshua Kinder says:

Hey Vape Critic, what are your thoughts and opinions on the grenco science g slim wax vape pen? do’s and don’ts and the like.

Smokey NYY says:

You said the atomizer lasts 4-8 weeks? This cost 65$. Can you just get a replacement atomizer instead of buying a whole new pen?

dave 8 says:

Is there anything like this design that can use dried herb?

Any tips for cheap, portable, and discreet portable vape?

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