Flowermate PureHit V1.0 Wax/ Oils/ Flowers Vaporizer: Blazin’ Gear Reviews

Today we review the new Flowermate PureHit V1.0 Wax, Oils and Flowers Vaporizer on Blazin’ Gear Reviews. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: “CANNABASICS”: http://www.ruffhousestudios.com

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jaime barajas says:

what’s better the lynx or v1 ceramic plate


Ay the last stream was awesome

dorkiusmx says:

which one do you recommend, this one or the Elevi iPRO DR60 All-In-One?

Afrioso Lestat says:

So awesome!!!

Kushy Knots says:

This is the first vape I considered buying saw it on your live stream

Jew Tendo says:

Oh this is definitely an upgrade from the Xvape Vital, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Tim McNeil says:

That’s Awesome.

El Pingu says:

Is this from the stream?

BrittanySmokes Weed says:

Omg this is beautiful

Badboyrosas mota says:

i am 158 GREAT

nothing is Out says:

18650, not 560. Not that it matters, but just letting you know.

BluntGodzTV says:

wow need it!!!

whatayawant says:

For $175 I’d say this is a bargain.If my Arizer Air ever dies this will be my choice.

inquisitor 717 says:

Unfortunately in uk there’s not a lot of great cannabis products. A mate of mine had some nice oil but that was import. ofcourse you do have growers but becouse of the legal issue they don’t shout about it. So it’s a who you know thing. I was reading a article about cannabis in the US and some guy was saying about the thc levels being too high. some are about 70%. when i whent dam a few year’s ago they had a strain that was 70% and ya had to fill out a disclaimer befour you smoked it that relinquished the shop just incase ya had a wobble. these days people grow up with this kinda strengh, in my smoking days ya was lucky to get a 20%..I’m talking Afghan and Lebanese ext your about the same age as me so when you was in your teens early 20s there wasn’t hydrophobic skunk. the cannabis has really changed threw the year’s. I work as a helper at a drug/alcohol clinic and we get a few kids complaining of feeling paranoid after smoking. we never had issue’s like that, on other hand I know a few who smoke and don’t get any side affects from it. But if you consider that cbd is 40% and there’s around 200+ compounds it’s very high. I always say each to there own though, I would like to try the shatter stuff, a friend of mine had some when he whent to US and said it was a much cleaner high, he said i was very different to a lot of stuff we get. his opnion was it was better, but then he’s a real pot head lol. I used to injoy eating cannabis, i find its a different high than smoking it. but we was using hash to cook. you had that in your live vlog I believe, it’s a very cool bit of kit.

Javen says:

How do you replace the screens? There’s no info in the manual about this.

Otix says:

seems expensive…

Cor Langerak says:

why would you recommend this one over the Elevi Ipro DR60? I just bought the elevi so I would like to know if I made a mistake 😉 or should maybe return it. Thanks for the video

Brandon Wilson says:

does anyone that vapes know if you can buy a tank to attach to a normal box mod to switch from smoking my vape juice to smoking dry herb, or even wax? totally new at this vape thing as well so any advice will help. even rude advice is welcomed! haha

Tyler T says:

Y’all taught me how to make my first pipe!!! Keep up the videos!

Autumn Rachels says:

I need feedback please. I plan on using the rosin tech method this weekend to extract some wax from my bud. But Last time I dabbed was about 2 years ago and I can’t really remember what they are like. Potency compared to bud?

shu qin barnhart says:

I’m not sucking on c3po’s dick in public , not for me but he hanks for the review.

Fergan Özkan says:

Guys please make cannabis infused soup.

DeeMUA9317 says:

Thank you! I finally figured it out lol

KingBarley says:

Do an atmos junior review

jaime barajas says:

can’t find it on the website.

dorkiusmx says:

Will you have this for sale on your website?

Dong Cheadle says:

Fast-forward doesn’t really work with handheld shots, i got nausea while watching :/

S c r e e n f r e a k says:

it’s huge not very portable

Troy Forbes says:

can u guys give me an idea about when I should be expecting an order to come? order number 12988

Armando Saenz says:

you guys should review the Hammer Vaporizer even though it’s not new

Broosk Krew says:

RuffHouse Studios hey I ordered a xvape vital and happened to not get the receipt and had the email wrong, I checked the credit card and saw the money was discarded but it’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve ordered the vital, what do I do or what can I do

Ohhhoe says:

I brought something from your site and wanted to ask some questions, I’ve emailed, I’ve tried to call a few times and I’ve also tweeted at you. If you could please comment back or reply to my email.

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