Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer Review

The Exxus Snap is a nifty little device that can be loaded with your own concentrates or it can make use of prefilled carts from dispensaries! What sets the Snap apart from other mini boxmods and batteries is the magnetic ring you use to attach tanks to the device…. it’s super easy to switch out tanks and you never have to worry about leaks!

There are two versions of the Snap out… they are essentially the same with some minor cosmetic differences and a slightly different tank set up. The build on these vapes is superb! It’s nice to see thought and quality put into the design of something like this! And size…. this thing is crazy small, you almost want to put a key ring on it so you dont loose it!! Ha!

The other feature I like about the Snap is the variable voltage. I’m a dry herb guy so while I’m familiar with that side of things I always get a little wary when we’re talking ohms and volts… the Snap makes this transition easy because it has three preset temperatures so there is no guessing!! Nice!

For more information on the Exxus Snap please check out www.exxusvape.com. If you decide to get one use the code “kushbury” at checkout so they know you saw this video!!


Heugh Jassman says:

I have another version of this and it works great. So small and I can put in most carts from stores.

Matthew Carey says:

Thank you for this video.. I realized I made a mistake after you explained how to fill the cartomizer. I filled in the center tube. Any advice on what to do?

EchoFilmHD says:

wouldn’t the preheat function burn the coil?? thus ruining the unit?

Joshua Lam says:

Will this work with shatter/wax?

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