EGreen Oils Hot Box Vape Kit Review

Egreen Oils Hot Box Vape Kit Review

I am a Washington State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my chronic Crohns Disease.


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We upload daily video of strain reviews, indoor grow tips, cannabis centric events and personalities. We legally grow medical marijuana which we use to deal with long term Crohn’s Disease/Colitis.

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Preston Hall says:

Great review JJ, some added points to make. This battery runs 2200mah and goes from 2 watts to 20, lots of juice without need to for constant recharging. For average user that puffs several times a day, this battery lasts me about 3 weeks before I recharge it. The bowl is one of the largest available so you don’t have to keep reloading it over and over like most of the smaller units on the market. You can put about 4-5 times the amount that JJ loaded. I just want to load it once and hit on it all day which this unit allows.It retails in most stores for about $80 to $95. There is a smaller unit just like it called the Cognito Mini that is half the battery size for more compact travel.

wbower74 says:

why do you not inhale any more? ? not fooled by the mouth puffs. same when you smoke joints too. kinda ruins the videos. sorry just bugs me.

CrimeWaveDave420 says:

damn it JJ. ive said before INHALE YOUR HITS!!!…

Thomas Morg says:

Quick question and anyone can answer plz. Can pure CBD be shipped to all states as long as it doesnt have any THC inside correct? I cant wait its just a matter of time until New Jersey will be legal but until then weed in NJ sucks. Great video as always JJ. Keep it up bro

sativa natural says:

like homy

logan leborgne says:

Hey JJ! Is it possible to switch from Watt to °Celsius? Or is it only in °Fahrenheit? What is your favorite vaping temperature? And good to know that a tiny attachment is so efficient!
Thanks for the review and have a lifted one my friend!


Cheers yo

toysoja 420 says:


zack k-ling says:

I love how I’m watching and learning as you learn about a product! Kool! Stay lifted Bro!!

HCHolbert says:

Thanks for the awesome reviews you put out man! Hope you will visit Dream City growers at Port Townsend,my son is a grower there as well. Keep up the awesome reviews and grows brother

Jaz & Keli says:

Love hanging out with you man!!! Have a wonderful weekend and stay lifted.

medgasguy says:

Say hey J.J. when do you think that you’ll do another episode of “Under A Hundy”? I love those shows as well as most of your other content. Keep up the good works.

Mr Lee says:

Just picked up an oz of purple sour d and watched your video…caught myself watching your bubbler and inhaling for you…lol….guess this sour d works…

ThisIsG says:

so it’s pretty much a drip tank? that’s pretty cool. never though about using those for concentrates

All The Hacks says:

videos are getting better and better keep up the good work. can you do a tips video on. how not get a panic attack for first time smokers.

Khim Mones says:

hey JKitch!

man i dig those sherlocks you said were on for sale
let me know if you have any similar UGL pieces around
20 bucks i’ll definitely grab one!

dope vlog bro

Buckeye Jack says:

Good show Mr. Kitchen. For $95 , that’s not a bad price at all for that Hot Box. And that bubblier was cool as all get out.

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