Dr Dabber Light Vape Pen Review

My review of the Light vape pen from Dr Dabber – See my rating here: https://www.vapecritic.com/dr-dabber-light/

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Ndasuunye says:

too bad wax and dabs isn’t easy to come by. Sure you can use your weed to make cheap wax/dab (hair straightener trick) but it just isn’t the sam,e.

davidislike23 says:

does this work with shatter??

Liza Barn says:

can this be use for ejuice/liquid?

Eclipse Gaming says:

I am brand new to vaping. This works with dabs and shatter?

Ben Henning says:

Ur gana die by the time ur fifty

ronan mcdermott says:

Another quality review video . Can you let us know if it’s mini use charged? I’m guessing not but would be sweet if it was for $50

Terrial H says:

More dry herb models please:D

Euan scotland says:

Nice shades man

Will Arthur says:

Just picked up one of these. Love it!!

strictlyred says:

would be great if mine didn’t stop working after 5 uses .and if dr dabber would return my emails…..

Alex Hand M says:

This was my first portable vape. At first I was blown away by how small and simple it is. Basically fits in a coin pocket and packing it once lasted me all day.

I tried two kinds of shatter, one called “Candy Dreams” from a club in Stockton, and Chocolope from a recreational shop in WA state just after the legalization law went into place and those stores started opening. The Chocolope was noticeably better.

After a couple months of using it a few times a day, a few days a week, the hits started to get really harsh. It was still vaping the concentrates and I was still getting effects, but one hit holding the button for 3 secs would make my throat sore for minutes. I didn’t like the effects of the concentrates as much anyway, so I just shelved this thing and bought a V2 Pro Series 3 pen for flowers, and just recently ordered a Grasshopper. I really prefer the flowers over dabs any day.

Is the harsh hit due to a dirty/used atomizer? I don’t know. I do have a spare atomizer that came with it, but if I’m hanging onto it in case someone wants to buy the pen. Also, I had bought this right before a memorial day sale and I emailed Dr. Dabber about it, asking to be grandfathered into the discount. They said no problem, then charged me the full amount anyway. When I emailed them a month later saying I never got a rebate, they said they’d send me a partial rebate lower than what they’d promised. If I bought another pen for concentrates, I’d want to try the Linx.

ShowOFF says:

Dear master, I’m new in the vape world. I’m beginning with a question: I have $200 budget and a preference to smoke it through water because flowers don’t work on me by pipe or joint. Only bong with water gets me affected. I’ve been thinking about “G Pro” vape but “the water” issue really matters.Which one should I buy? Sorry for so long question. If you are interested here is a little story. I’ve been using bong before but after watching “Kid Cannabis” movie I decided to try a vape based on a fact that its much more healthier. I’m planning to get a portable vape now coz of my budget, later on Black Friday I’ll get a desktop one with a sale.

Dubya D says:

if your lookin for dry herb vapes, closest thing is a tvape 2.0 hands down, thing actually vapes, good vape quality too, it kicks ass people lol n its never combusted and it definitely has been used alot.

H smitty says:

how much dab can you load in it ?

Sickwitit18 says:

The B roll of him smoking lmao

Morgan Payne says:

can you refill this with a pre filled oil cartridge?

Jon k says:

Once you unscrew the middle part with the coil would you be able to scew in a pre filled oil cartridge?

JustSomeDude says:

Without any f***** doubt, you do the best reviews. I love everything about this channel, especially the puffing 😛 Keep it up m8

Andrew Ryan says:

anybody know if the atomizer section is 510 threaded?

Raymond Torres says:

Aura/Aurora review coming??

ufanisoneetze says:

The people demand an E-nano review.

Raging Newf says:

good video bud! showed me all i wanted to see cheers

Xavier Monarrez says:


paurockification says:

good video. But how do you clean it ??

Sean Cleary says:

great review bro

Nolan Kincaid says:

Review the Puffco pro vape pen

George Thomas says:

What happens if you try to use herb?

MrJimodoom says:

Exactly the one I have been hoping you would put up !  I have the original dr dabber and it’s great. Suggestions for future reviews: the verdamper (the original glass one) and the sublimator.  Both seem interesting, haven’t got an opportunity to try the sublimator so far.

Tuvstarr says:

What kind of pen to use for smoking the herb or hasch?

vale650123 says:

Thank you so much for your reviews, they are honestly the best and I’m positive your helping alot of people in choosing their best vaping experience. I have a question about vaping specifically because I can’t seem to find information about it anywhere esle. I cannot smoke weed in my house because my housemates are not comftorable with it. I’ve heard that some vapors or using wax/oil get rid of the smell of MJ. Is this its myth ? If it’s true which vapor would you recommend ? Have you talked about this in a previous video? Thank you for everything that you do !

Joseph Storm says:

Thanks…I’m going buy one now

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