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CCell produces a system of refillable cartridges/atomizers and compatible batteries/vapes that are designed to be used together to enjoy concentrates. In a perfect world, you’re filling these cartridges with straight distillate. However, the nice thing about CCell’s specialized TH2 Atomizer design are the four large 2mm flow ports which enable the TH2 to handle thick oils as well. A lot of other cartridges cannot do this. Also, as mentioned, they are refillable. Not indefinitely, but I’ve had customers refill them 10x plus. The CCell cartridges come in 0.3ml, 0.5ml, and 1ml sizes with a variety of mouthpiece options. The system provides a lot of power and convenience, but is it the right one for you? Join me as I answer these questions and more!

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!




The M3 battery comes in several different colours and has a 350mAh capacity which will get you a bunch of hits. It’s charged with the included screw-in USB charger. The battery is super slim and ultra-portable. It’s great for a trip or a situation where you might not want to bring it back with you. The performance is similar to the larger vapes.

The M6T cartridge is a one-time use cartridge, so once you pop the lid on it cannot be removed. However, it will take a lot of pressure to put the top on so it can’t happen accidentally. The M6T comes in 0.5ml and it is perfect for a road trip, festival, vacation etc. Take the M3 battery and M6T combo anywhere you go for killer performance that you can simply dispose of when you’re done.


The Silo and Palm usually come with a good charge, but either way just plug them into a USB port to charge. The light will stay on while charging then when it’s fully charged it’ll blink 20 times and turn off. Now it’s vape time with no further prep needed.


A lot of people ask “should I get the Palm or the Silo?” The price is the same, but as you can see the palm is thinner and wider while the Silo is thicker but narrower. The Palm fits better in a pant pocket and it has a 550mAh battery compared to the 500mAh battery of the Silo. So, as you can see, it really comes down to your own personal preference on size/shape and aesthetics.

The Silo fits great in your jacket pocket and has a built-in window so you can see the level of your oil. To me, it feels like the more rugged of the two. I think I’d take the Silo hiking before I’d grab the Palm. The Palm is about as sleek as you can get. It can go in your pocket with ease, and though it seems like the cartridge is more exposed it is still fully protected by the metal wrap-around piece. In general, these are ideal stealth devices as they are tiny, they have great battery life, and you won’t find a smaller system that can give this many good hits for sneaking into a concert for example.


Before you use your cartridge, you’ll need to screw on the magnetic adapter and then snap it into your Palm or Silo. If you don’t have access to filled cartridges you can always fill them yourself in a few different ways. You can use something like terpene base to thin your concentrate, or you can use a wax liquidizer. The terpene solution will change how your oil tastes, which may be a good thing. Wax liquidizer (the standard kind) will not alter the flavour. Terpene-based solutions usually have no Propylene Glycol while liquidizer does. Both methods are pretty easy and involve heating up your oil and sucking it up into a syringe and then extracting it into the cartridge. So, depending on what aspect is most important, you will have some options.



Sally OMalley says:

I let them sit for 24 hours after a first fill, standing upright.

TheNLSClan says:

Can’t wait for your newly stocked cedar tips show in my mail box lol.

Zach Wall says:

Noice buddy

david ringler says:


Alex Hand says:


Katherine Oakley says:

Thanks for this thorough review!! Currently vaping on my ccell with some affordable liquidized wax, best cart vaping experience I’ve ever had!!

Little Teapot says:

I just want to know, can I safely buy and use ccell carts in my normal vape mod to skip getting the palm, since they are 510s right? And if so what watt range?

οκ says:

Do you decarb rosin before mixing with liquidizer?

MtS quad says:

sneaky bathroom user, like Pete…lmao! That was good Pete

Nick Fagerness says:

Love the Plini in the background!

angad saini says:

Review the megatoke xl or dabatoke

Cee W says:

I suddenly have an insatiable urge to subscribe and thumbs up.

MNDFND says:

I was thinking about buying empty carts but I get co2 filled ccell carts for 50$ . I’ve just been refilling them plus no need to prime if I always leave some left for next fill. But might buy some empty ones in the future and try some shatter with terps.

Vape Parts Mart says:

This is by far the industry’s most comprehensive review on the CCell product line. Keep it up, Pete!

Bobby Grans says:

For me I started at Cartridges. And ended up with dab pens for wax and shatter. I’d like to see you do a review on glass small medium and large with e nail with OUT. …and if you don’t no what to do with your reclaim….send it my way. P.o box 329 Lax duty Flambeau. Wisconsin, it’s a native American. Reservation. I’m from Chicago. And when the laws change I’ll be going back and starting. A channel. Sdoing mostly strain reviews., it should be great cuz there is no one in Chicago doing it as of yet I’ve been talking an put this since 1996

Dee Negron says:

what are your thoughts on the OVNS JC01 Juul Compatible Starter Kit, for medicinal oils? keep up the good work, thanks

Stephen Warden says:

If I have a regular 5-10 thread cart would it work with the magnet adapter for the ccell palm

Rick Leetham says:

Excellent review Pete. These products truly work as well for me as you describe. And yes ROSIN as well.

MsJdeck says:

@Sneaky Pete Vaporizers is this a sub ohm device? can I use cbd oils in this?

Trent says:

How do know when it’s done charging?

Figgles274 says:

Really want one of those. I like the look of both. But the silo looks sick. Issue is ocs doesn’t sell any distillate. But if I were to press my own rosin and then use the wax fluid and suck it up into a cart and pop it in would that work? These looks so convenient for bar nights.

nathan casarez says:

So is the difference between the Palm and Silo just form factor?

Liz H says:

What temp is the oil heated to on the Ccells?

b'Ache collison says:

Mouth mask valve air purifier electric

L E D mask “sittin’ here can’t get you off my mind tried my best “

Samantha Timms says:

Can you use CBD e-liquids with this?

Miguel Navarro says:

Is the palm worth it ? Does it break easy ?

Kaleb Hausley says:

Do you recommend I buy a Dynavap or the Fury 2? plz help

Life On MARS says:

Good stuff!!!

Briana Booker says:

I LOVE my silo!!!

Justin Sherman says:

I’m trying to find a vaporizer that really hits you with affects. What would you say hits the hardest?

michael twaddell says:

Excellent review, I was just thinking of investing in a ccell but wasn’t sure which. Silo and TH2 it is 🙂 A lot more discrete for dog walks in tis country 🙂

Melanie Wantsabeer says:

I love my palm so much i have 3 lol

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