CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i’d make a video about it! Let me know if you have any other questions and give this video a thumbs up please if you like it!

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Evelyn Torres says:

Have you gone to see a neurologystchiropractor? For aligning your body. And I’m glad that worked for you.

hellodaralyn says:

Aw. I miss you

Godfrey Pafura says:

I didn’t know much about CBD and was glad to find someone who has used it. How better to inform the public than those that walk the talk. Thank you!!

Delmarksman says:

From my reading 15, mg isn’t a lot, especially in a pill form. It might work better sublingual and you would use less to get the same results.
Thank you for posting this video, I am searching for testimonials from folks about CBD for pain.

REM lag says:

Great vidéo
try crystal cbd with vaporizer, no problem !Cheers !

nicolesies says:

Do you have Ehlers danlos syndrome? It sounds like it with the dislocations you’re having, may be good to look it up. I have EDS as well

Darina Yankey says:

You need to be careful with Valerian – https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-870/valerian

Lynn .D says:

100 mg is adult dose

Heavens CBD Oil says:

Great Video!
CBD Is AMAZING if you have a Pure CBD without fillers. Not all CBD is made the same and not all CBD can be vaped.

Savana Di Quinzio says:

thank you for talking about it !!

oksills says:

Dear, talk about brain fry! Please consider having your brain neurotransmitters levels checked and use that info to get off of that SSRI!! If indeed you are taking it for balancing you serotonin, GABA, etc. You can do that with supplements that are completely healthy! Yes the CBD is a miracle for so much. I too take it for chronic structural pain I am. Not a doctor but a psychiatric RN and know the long and even short term effects of the SSRI’s. The doctors hand them out like crazy for EVERYTHING, but never to their families!! Please do some more research on this! Wishing you the very best health and continued success in your search for optimal health!

marijo1013 says:

Nikki have you heard of “breast implant illness” I would like into that because I believe your implants (weather silicone or saline) can be making things worse (inflammation, worsening depression, chronic pain….).

Vickie Carr says:

CBD oil has given me my life back. Fibromyalgia kept me from doing much. Plus lower lumbar disorder, ruptured disks, degenerative disk disease, carpal tunnel, severe migraines, nerve pain, and being a cancer survivor. Without it, I would be lost. A friend bought me a 6 month supply and I took all of it before I started selling it.

BobMollyFriends BobMollyFriends says:

Nice video and very informative, thanks!!

l r says:

I am so excited to finally try a natural remedy like cbd oil and creme for my cramps rather than prescription pain killers that risk me getting ulcers and weakening kidneys. This is revolutionary.

Daniel Lech says:

I have a question I have been dealing with painful back pain where do you buy the oil and the pen.

georgemarsone says:

I use hemp oil for pain from vivianscbd an it works well for my older body….check it out…

Darina Yankey says:

I don’t know why people freak out about paying $5 a day for proper nutritional support and prevention of inflammation. Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, sweets, synthetic hormones, chemicals, prescription, etc. nobody questions! Three years of proper management, I am free of all Rx AND PAIN!

HarryLopez says:

She talks to much just get to the products damn

miseriacanterai says:

The prescriptions doctors prescribed for me for migraines made me end up in the ER. I’ve had panic attacks since then. So I’m going to try CBD.

jamie udelhofen says:

Can you please give us info on where to get the cbd vape ??

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

Why are women destroying families, men, and western society?

Claudia Davies says:

Let us see the dog

Heather Heavens - Hempworx Information says:

GREAT VIDEO!!!! I sell CBD that is 100% Pure CBD Absolutely NO Fillers – wondering if I could send you a link to check it out.

Will Storm says:

People are usually down when they here your taking an SSRI but when you have chronic pain depression is pretty much a siamesse twin. Whether your taking an SSRI along with therapy or not if you live with chronic pain and that medicine takes some of the edge off and as was mentioned when it takes an hour or two when you wake feeling much worse than when you went to sleep life becomes pretty thin.

Eric Tan says:

We are a manufacturer, we need a reviewer to cooperate with, pls contact me: eric@vapmodtech.com, thanks

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

what happens when you quit taking cbd oil?

Courtney Froien says:

Great video. New to your channel!

Jacqueline Capriotti says:

It’s Ehlers-Danlos probably hyper-mobility probably. Most docs just don’t know much about it. There ae somethings that can be done. message me if you want info. Bothe my kids have it, myself, husband, mom, and grandmother. CBD really does help.

Mgtow Boo Boo says:

women don’t care about men

Jeremy Childress says:

CBD works best when used in conjunction with THC that is scientific fact based on research
Chariots Web CBD oil does contain a small amount of THC most brands do and it is worthy to note that most CBD oil has different concentrations of CBD and THC so do your research before taking it

Cathy Enderson says:

CBD is not a drug, it is a food; so you can”t become addicted or overdose on it.

Colin Ibberson says:

Nikki well done with this video but let me point out that even though I’m 100% in favour of CBD you are treating your symptoms. You need to be treating the cause (and curing the chronic pain). Chronic pain is psychological and unless the psychological issues are dealt with – you’ll always have chronic pain regardless of whether you treat with dangerous prescribed medicine or CBD. You might wish to read the Divided Mind by Dr. John Sarno. All the best.

Liz Liz says:

Excellent you putting this out there ❤️

dragoncohert says:

Title did not say anything about your opinion on ethics, I was looking only for specific product reviews and product amounts. Thanks for the wasted time.

Eddy Vaita says:

2 min..still no infos..bye..there is much better info about this for FREE (yes..really) all over the web. Lol..

JJAdams03 says:

OMG just get to the point

David Gillen says:

thank you for posting this!

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