CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

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*I do recommend trying CBD oil but I DO NOT recommend using Phenopen. In my experience, their customer service and overall respect towards their consumer has not been up to par. The price point is also way too steep which I have heard from all of you. I will be searching for a new partner.

This is the very first time I’ve ever smoked CBD oil. I went off my medication to provoke some anxiety to have a bit of a better test to see how CBD oil works. In this video I talk about how I felt after the smoking, how much CBD oil I consumed and if I recommend this to manage anxiety.
I did my best to give an honest review and tell you exactly how my level of anxiety changed after smoking as well as talked about CBD oil effects and benefit I DID NOT expect!

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The Doctor says:

Those other meds are 666

no comment says:

Oh fucking hurry up , skipping and still bullshit .. so very interesting

beadlesastout says:

Well done for putting yourself out there regarding mental health especially in men. Genuinely interested in how you are doing now? I have also suffered from anxiety and depression and found my way of dealing with this, after trying medication and being able to get off them, was to get into the frame of mind that I don’t care about having anxiety and depression and that was the breaker for me. It is hard to do at first but eventually it goes to the back of your conscience and stops ruling you. The symptoms start to subside and sometimes go away completely. Yes you will always have it and live with it but you make it stop defining who you are. Its a bit like not caring about having a obvious birthmark, or loosing your hair. Once we don’t care and actually settle with the thought, ” I have mental health issues” it really does help. The feelings of anxiety and depression can be very strong so it is hard not to be bothered by it. The feelings we get are an overblown reaction to normal things due to the fight or flight reaction out bodies and minds have. You have to almost step back from yourself and just recognise the symptoms and how you feel and then being ok with feeling like that.
Also something which I know tied in with how mine started, was looking after my blood sugar levels. I also have reactive hypoglycemia and the symptoms can be very much like really bad anxiety. Due to not understanding what was happening to me originally I was treated for anxiety instead of the issues with my blood sugars dropping. It eventually developed into full blown anxiety and depression.

Looking after your blood sugars especially in the mornings, by not eating or drinking too much sugars on an empty stomach can have a drastic effect on anxieties. Also our guts play a huge roll in our well being due to have brain like cells in there. A good diet can play a huge roll in combating mental health. There is also evidence of the bacteria in our stomachs can change enzymes in the food that also trigger blood sugar drops which in turn then trigger anxiety. Test have been done with antibiotics killing the stomach bacteria which then stops the blood sugar drops.

Again I hope your well

420_GrowYourOwn says:

I use GREEN ROADS CBD they are from Colorado and they grwo their hemp outside without pesticides . they have helped so many people with seizures and anxiety including me

Nugg Nugg says:

It’s crazy how fast CBD kicks in. If you have any ailment give it a try. Works well for my mild depression and anxiety

gotohellaaron says:

You’re happier, your headache went away and you’re chilled out but this stuff does not get you high right?

Endorphin Factory says:

that’s a half gram, not 1 gram

Depression to Expression says:

Apology to all viewers: Due to terrible customer service dealing with Phenopen I am no longer promoting their product. They have been very inconsiderate to me and I will be taking my business elsewhere. This does not mean CBD has not worked for me because it has been tremendous! However, I’ll be looking for a new CBD supplier and manufacturer.

Hanna W says:

Can you take CBD on SSRIs? Im on Lexapro.

Anjelica Gonzalez says:

What if the thought of smoking weed gives you bad anxiety lol

David Hollifield says:

After smoking CBD twice a week I no longer require cortisone injections in my right shoulder joint…no pain after 15 years.

Elizabrary says:

you remind me of Andy from The Office lol nice video!

luggnut Gaspar says:

I popped the pod opened from my empty juul and put it in there. Try it.
Looks like it works for both you and I.
Peace my friend.

Katy says:

For some reason the oils I have found is made with alcohol. Anyone know of its possible to find it without?

Antonio De Jesus says:

When you first try cbd or any marijuana related products


Im’s sorry to hear that the customer service was so bad :/ its important to not only have quality products but quality service as well! I’ve been trying CBD oil from this company NuLeaf its been wonderful! Love that they clearly label everything as being lab tested and organic!!! Check it out for yourself: https://nuleafnaturals.com?rfsn=2187933.a5967a

Generally Idiotic Skits says:

Just smoke it yo enough talk

Ann Gunn says:

Why would you smoke it? Quality CBD oil is not brown. It is green. 1 gram is a lot to take right away. Why wouldn’t you start with a sublingual tincture?

Mr Meeseeks says:

Hey if you feel depressed kill yourself thats the answer.

Karl Nading says:

Been through and lived a Xanax withdraw my guy. Much depression and anxiety. CBD has saved my life man. Should helo you as well. Stay blessed.

Charlie Nonya says:

Anxiety doesn’t exist. People just want a reason to do drugs.

Miguel Mendiola says:

My friend just recently mentioned getting CBD vape juice and when I realized I could find something to calm me through the day without being high in public, I was sold. Smoking weed gets me in my own “zone”, so being a social smoker is hard when you’re busy just staring at everything while being in your own head. Been suffering from some nerve pain for 6 months now and my body is just throwing pain here and there everyday, piling symptoms for my doc to prescribe painkillers. Ordered my CBD juice today, so if anyone is interested on the results I can update here. Hopefully its works fingers crossed

01761 M.O.V says:

Just Dab isolate ,

game changer says:

It’s keeping me alive

Hurdygurdy man says:

Ok I’m getting a pen, could see his eyes change after the first big toke. I’m curious, I have bad ADHD, anxiety, social issues. I smoke weed which works but I hate smoking tobacco, looks like it helps

C&C Connoisseurs Cannabis Knowledge says:

We review legal CBD cannabis products and I’ve seen some amazing results in both people and animals.

Solar Winds says:

Many thanks!

Sylvie Butterfly says:

Highly recommend cbd oil it’s v expensive
But fell asleep last night no overthinking not even noticing
And actually slept walk out of my sisters room into my own
(I was sleeping with her at time)
Wasn’t even aware

Peter XYZ says:

I think ASAP Science explained the difference between CBD and the illegal stuff

Ralph Torrez says:

Does this show up on drug test?

NeWArrA Official says:

5:45 what a niggerliper

Listen Toit says:

there should be something sying this is just one big ad

Doge 2016 says:

High doses (1000mg+) of CBD helps me quite a bit but it doesn’t seem to last longer than 10 or 20 minutes before I have to take more. I find THC much more effective because of the potency, plus getting used to the high allows me to function while still feeling fucking fantastic.

Sheree Dawn Carr says:

cbd oil has changed my life. My sugars are down and my depression and anziety is much less. Im sleeping better and my pain level is almost Zero. Living in canada is easy to get but pricey.

Day Lamb says:

I use HempWorx CBD oil check it out: http://www.HempWorxSamples.com/Lreese44

CBD Oil with Kate says:

CBD oil has been really good for my anxiety and I would recommend you to checkout some good brands that don’t change their pricing when they start getting business.

I will recommend nuleaf naturals and CbDistillery a lot 🙂

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