Best Vape Pens of 2018 – My Top Picks for Wax & Oil

These are my top picks for best vape pen of 2018 (for wax & oil). See my full reviews and promo codes here:


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My Top Picks:
Best Portable Vaporizers ☞
Best Vape Pens ☞
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Dani Flores says:

Love how sai is getting the recognition but what about quarts quest? Shit is an absolute beast


Great video, though I do like your longer form style videos. Wouldn’t mind a break down and opinion of some of these tanks. Especially the saionara, it’s the sickest one on the market by far. I have the pulsar hellfire which is basically a clone of the Sai and I use it every day. No other wax tank comes close.

Wisky2Frisky says:

Would love to have all of them lol, cool vid thanks for posting. 🙂

dimsim96 says:

Where is Troy from 420 Vapezone?

doug newman says:

No evolve+ ?!??

The Vape Critic says:

Full reviews and promo codes:

silkvein says:

Really disappointed to still see non-vitrified ceramic elements still on the market. Please do some research folks. Ceramic heaters that aren’t vitrified are NOT for use in anything but industrial applications that involve proper filtering of ceramic particulate. You WILL inhale particulate and it WILL cause you major health issues.

MrJimodoom says:

Great rundown. I wasn’t particularly interested in a new oil unit until I saw the saionara.. now I think I want one of those.

TheOfficialNicholasUpton says:

Lol I recently got into researching vape pens over normal portable vapes. I was curious why you hadnt posted anything about the prism on YouTube a couple of days ago. I looked up vape pens this morning and of course I’m gonna see my favorite vape reviewer has posted a video on the best vapes of 2018 literally an hour ago. Keep it up man I love your videos.

Ftyio Gtyre says:

which one would you recommend for hash rosin? Most coils can’t handle the rosin and are all fucked up after 2 uses.

Lewy Pierson says:

In my opinion the CCell carts beat any pen on the market. Add the ccell battery and that’s about as small as you can find

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