Best Vape Pens of 2018 for Wax & Oil

These are my top picks for best vape pen of 2018 (for wax & oil). Full reviews and promo codes here:


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Swift Deals says:

Ordered the EZ Sai Kit a couple of weeks ago. I love it so far but I wish the battery lasted longer. I go through half to 3/4 of a gram of live resin a day and the battery needs to be charged, sometimes more than once in a day (I guess I just expected more of a $35 battery)… it looks sleek at least. I am very fond of the whole atomizer setup.The coils that came with the kit are both great and have both lasted through multiple grams so far with no issues. I have ordered more of the “Dual Twist Kanthal Wire Quartz Rod ” coils for the future, as that was my favorite of the two included coils, the other being the “triple titanium quartz”. I use the Sai on low with the aforementioned coil and get huge tasty vape clouds when loaded with live resin, currently “Lemon Face” fantastic strain btw. I hope this helps some of you decide what rig to get = D

Paul Mejorada says:

No magneto by yocan????

Desertwhale says:

I love the nod of approval after a nice draw. haha!

HoboJIm117 says:

Takes hit, exhales while shaking pen and nodding

Aw yeah that’s some good shit

Gary Tipp says:

Check out the Saionara EZ kit, comes with a battery made specifically for the Saionara and has Temperature control settings. Best piece I’ve found.

MrSpreadem says:

Which vape has the best coils? Does the concentrates touch the coils? I want to get a higher end vape with a chamber that is the healthiest in terms of reducing byproducts from the device

chumpvoodoo says:

the old pens.. al burn the wax… are all these pens vaping the concentrate… really looking to get a good pen

Hypercube says:

What would be the best pen out these days for CBD oil?

Cole G says:

Where do I find the saionara, I can’t get it online


thanks for making a video that was purely informational and not about your own ego.. !!! refreshing

Michael Gillman says:

It’s 2018 and the majority of portables don’t have a removable battery. We need something without an expiration date already…

Commish/Flock Baltimore productions says:

probably best ‘best dab pen/coil’ vid i have seen yet! to the point, perfect really. thank you and, idk how any of them can be better than the source orb xl with all of the choices for atomizers. i use the magneto by yocan which, understandbly is not on the list BUT for me is amazing with the ‘miracle b’ coil. i love it, huge rips, NO mess and good enough flavor. very cheap too, on street $30 usually.

The Vape Critic says:


SmokieBear V says:

Was curious as to what you guys think is better saionara atomizer, omicron, or the source orb xl? What type of mod box would fit a saionara? Any smok?

iiGoHam OnYou says:

Puffco plus?

Danny James says:

I farm and sell weed all the way from Cali,top shelf medicinal cannabis and cannabis oil for cancer etc. Our products are sealed in a tree vacuum seal free custom even dogs can’t get the scent,we transact discreetly so you can’t be tracked by Corps, we offer discounts on how you buy in other to create a good business relationship.. Interested ?


ArthurVandelay says:

which ones are best just for oil cartridges?

Marco Huertas says:

Have you tested the yocan evolve plus?

Kronickillness Nikolaos says:

How does the last one work? As in which part heats up the oil? Cuz I’m looking for what’s best to use to refill to stretch my meds for cost and other reasons

G Shmoker says:

What coil would you say conserves but still produces clouds. On average , hoe many hits can you get out of them of one dab ?

THIZzSCO415 says:

What do you guys think of the HitsOnHand product the firebox ? Or cloudvapes ?

Dolunay says:

Hey I have a question! I was interested in buying the Amber Rose KandyPen 2-1 for oils and concentrates. It’s $148.00. And most pens like that go from 100-200$. And the most 3-1 pens (for oils/liquids, concentrate & herb) go from 50-100. (The highest rated one that I’ve found was 100).
Why are 3-1 pens cheaper than, for example, the 2-1 amber rose/flacko jodye kandy pen?

SuperSlimshady1 says:

The Saionara is literally the pulsar barbe wire its the same exact thing just a different logo on it

ienjoyblazing says:

Anyone know about r2 rig edition? Im torn between that an orbxl.

MoistSofa says:

Vivant dabox

jayy760 says:

What mod did you use with the source orb ?

fuck yo mama says:

Please do the dabox

Erik Kessler says:

who da fuq blows weed out their nose???

Jay Cee says:

Stay away from puffco there stuff sucks I tried them all junk !!!

sebastian urena says:

Does the Saionara works attached to the Prism+?

Anonymous says:

What song is that please?

jungpunk says:

You forgot to mention the Source Orb XL doubles as an XL butt plug! 😉

Jay Cee says:

Stay away from puffco there stuff sucks I tried them all junk !!!

7thFloorVapes says:

Have you tried the new Wax Maxer Concentrates Pen by 7th Floor Vapes yet?

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