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The FlavRX kiit comes with a Vape Pen, 1000 mg Cartridge, and USB charger (from Om Healing and Wellness in Santa Barbara). Since these pens have 1000mg, its like getting OVER 1/4 of top shelf indoor bud, only better tasting, for $60! With its sweet thin mint aroma and classic taste, Girl Scout Cookies provides full-body relaxation while still maintaining productive and creative functionality. Girl Scout Cookies can also alleviate pain for cannabis patients while not keeping them locked to to the couch. All of the flavors of the FlavRX pens are amazing and accurately represent the strains. This is possible because the right scientists combined with the right technology finally together, finally have the ability to preserve terepenes (this gives cannabis and other organic compounds smell and flavor) during the Co2 extraction process.

Om Healing and Wellness | Santa Barbara



Samuel Loya says:

can you use a blu plus battery for these

Indra says:

not my cup of tea, weak and burns my throat after a few hits.

Jacob Loftis says:

I got a flav rx and I’m getting no vapor I’m holding the button till it starts to blink

Rob & Son says:

Great solvent free oil, i love it

Jack Ling says:

the video looks good, we sell cbd oil glass cartridge, do you want to try it?

wjveryzer7985 says:

I cant find any lab results for this brand any idea?

bizzy511 says:

will the cartridge work with a 510 mech mod?

Dan D says:

i am a total girl scout cookies fan. That totally wrecks me. For some reason it makes my mrs frisky. But that dont help coz by that time i am usually smashed to pieces by the time she tries it on with me lmao.

freshciviclife Mightyhonda says:

WeedStrainReveiws have berner review brass knuckles if he like it, I like it too.

supremebrian1 says:

I have a co2 organic cartridge , are these healthy /safe

Aprile Raske says:

So question. Old school smoker here but new to this vape thing. I have a flav RX disposable 1000 mg. Took a few hits , nice and clean then I had to charge up the pen. After it charged the pen doesn’t hit anymore?? This is the 2nd time this has done this to me. I have a vision spinner battery. Any suggestions???

Hi Hater says:

give me sum vape pen recommendations youtube

Cosmic Charlie says:

Once you get plugged in on these vape pens you can’t go back to puffin herb can medicate anywhere with them.

Hangs Bangs says:

Anyone know where I can get this in PA?

yoyoyobitc13 says:

dam he dissed the Shywalker OG. must be his competitor

Greg Green says:

does the cape have a odor?

Colin Hamilton says:

you can tell they put a lot of time into the packaging which is super important to you? WTF! all thats important is if its safe to use and who cares if you can see whats in it, what cant you see what is the coil made out of is there glue in there that gets hot and offgasses who cares about whats in them its all about if the actual cartage is safe to vape from and these are probably not safe – all these vapor pens are probably not safe the oil in them might be cool but the cartage is totally crap

TURBO Pepper says:


Steven Guzman says:

why does the oil always sink threw to the air flow side

Victoria Gibboni says:

Omg marry me

Taulant Boci says:

Hey man thanks for the video I was wondering what’s the best voltage to smoke these In

freshciviclife Mightyhonda says:

my nigga berner!! you are someone I respect and look up to. stay pimpin hommie.

AC6PILOT says:

FlavRX is awesome I get in from Cali in Florida, 40 a piece.. GRAP APE, TRAINWRECK, WHITE WIDOW.. My god lol.. Blue Dream, Jack Heror…

wjveryzer7985 says:

any idea of thc content in these??

girllibra73 says:

hi, do the flax rx cartridges come filled to the top? I ask because the first one i purchased was filled to the top and the second one I purchased was not. thanks

DjErrWerr says:

You know how to get a wholesale prices on those??

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