Beginners guide choosing conceal Vaporizer Kit | HoneyStick CBD Oil Prefilled 510 thread Cartridges

Picking the Best Concealer for you.

This is our most frequently asked question, what are the differences between the units, what are the dimensions, does it accept 1g, what are the dimensions of the unit, is it discrete?

In this video we got all the answer to your frequently asked questions, details on the dimensions, pro and cons of the unit, what size tank that will fit on them, how many grams and ML per tank, this video is our more quested video ever!!

The comparison between the Beekeeper, Phantom, ELF, Minimax and Minimax Pro.

Dan Hoff COO of HoneyStick goes through and does a comparison to help people looking into buying a concealer vaporizer for oil cartridges, on what to look for to make sure they buy the perfect one. He reviews and goes through the Technical specs of the lineup from HoneyStick so that you can choose the Perfect Conceal / Hideaway vaporizer for your 510 thread Vape Cartridge. 510 thread prefilled vape cartridges for oils, cbd, and concentrates are the fastest growing trend in the industry.

Sometimes choosing the right concealer to fit your lifestyle, current tanks, or preferences can be hard. In this video HoneyStick makes some of the best 510 thread concealers and we compare and contrast them so you can pick the best unit for your vaping. Dan Hoff covers the Minimax, MiniMax Pro, Beekeeper, Elf, and Phantom….We also cover what units will fit which cartridges by performing live measurement tests on the units.

Medical Cannabis industry is growing and choosing the right unit to fit your tank is no longer that complicated. HoneyStick offers different products all 510 thread to satisfy your needs.

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davey blair says:

Will these stop the harshness of the just straight battery?

Jeff Tight says:

Need to pick it up a bit. I need to be stoned to watch this … yawn

Michael Hughes says:

Question about the honey stick beekeeper. Can you use the oil that comes in syringes from dispensary, the ones you have to use water to heat up?

Just received my beekeeper and inserted a cartridge from dispensary. Had a very harsh burnt taste, almost chemical like. I’ve used this cartridge in the $20 battery pen I bought from dispensary, and it usually has a very nice grapish flavor. So definitely not a bad cartridge. Can’t test my other cartridges since they’re too wide and don’t fit. So really hoping to be able to fill tank with syringe oil, but my guess is it’s too think.
Sorry so long winded, appreciate any help.

Joe Ski says:

Unfortunately, I don’t have an apparatus to determine the diameter of the cartridges I use. I use 710 kingpens and brass knuckles 1000 mm or sometimes 500 mm. Can someone recommend a good concealed vape for these cartridges. Thank you

Ivan R says:

I love my elf just wish it came with a extra magnet or let me buy more

Indica Strain says:

So what’s the best cartridge to buy for the Mini max pro?

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