All-Time Best Affordable Portable Dry Herb Oil Essential Vaporizer of 2015 – VapeDynamics Laguna

VapeDynamics Laguna Ultimate Portable Vaporizer
VapeDynamics now offers the VapeDynamics Laguna, The only true vaporizer works with dry herb and essential oil / wax and other solids all on the go. There is no exposed heating coil.

From our initial launch of the original VapeDynamics V1.0 dry herb vaporizer we’ve changed and improved nearly every aspect of our product to give you the fullest and most enjoyable and unique vaping experience. The VapeDynamics Laguna brings you a portable and sleek design combined with the ease-of-use to enhance your vaporizing experience. It is classy pen-style vaporizer that is capable of producing true vapor with absolutely no combustion.

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DADE COUNTY Jaycee says:

why is it so hard to find liquid vapors .. most of them are for crack and ear wax i want one for liquid

Brian B says:

HAHAHAHA “dry HERb” aahahahaha… I’ve never herd someone say herb like that lol the way you really pronounced the H hahahaha

Captain_Dirt says:

I can get a better hit off of a cigarette…..for .50 cents……..

kevin mars says:

kool review,i might have to get one,too bad no give aways but anyway its kool

outta here says:

this gizmo looks great,im wondering how big is the battery in mah ? also the bowl size

Pav M says:

How cute are you !! 🙂 ..product looks good too lol

obieezx11 says:

whats it pull like i had to drill my titan 2 out so it would draw decent

The Irish Scenery Channel says:

this is surreal.

Bullrider97 says:

Your gorgeous❤️

PhamNet says:

Ive never found anybody that pushes wax.. Do majority of ppl make their own wax or is there a way I can purchase that I dont know about?

Alberto H. Soto Ocasio says:

Sexy isn’t what I’m looking for when buying my first vape….

carl kristiansen says:

Just noticed the mouthpiece (which is extremely thin so much so you can actually see through the plastic) is full of cracks so as far as I can see this thing is getting harder and harder to live with

jazz says:

Why is everything “so sexy” smh

EPuffStore says:

Another great review from Danielle. She tested the product for oil essential and dry herb Link

AMG says:

This chick… God help us all.

patsow says:

The Arizer air is sooo much better

firesideav says:

Smoken . . . YOU ~ ROCK ! !

Blue Kirby says:

Wrong answer

Alien SexGod says:

More like a dildo than a pen surely?
Is that where you hide it?

Danny Boy says:

Love the hair and red is my favorite color, that device is really nice and def worth the $ thanks for the info

David David says:

Would anyone recommend this over the ploom pax?

EPuffStore says:

VapeDynamics Malibu First Review and Malibu Giveaway Link

dragnet53 says:


I got my clouper cloutank m4 cheaper! But it looks nice though.

Matt M Larcin says:

Wow! This is a really cool product, I can’t wait for the receive it!

Gaetano Arnone says:

Thanks for the great review. Have you had a chance to use the VapeDynamics HERA Ultimate Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer?
If so how does it perform and can it also do wax? Also it is great to see a gorgeous woman doing a review instead of some male stoner. thanks again, your awesome!!

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