2015 Vape Pen Review: Top 5 Concentrate Pens

This year HIGH TIMES pulled out all the stops and reviewed over 100 vape pens for flower and concentrate, with 27 judges weighing in on every part of each device to come up with the best vaporizers available.

Read more about all the winners in the July 2015 issue of HIGH TIMES, on newsstands now!

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Kristoffer G R says:

does theese work with maroc and afghan hash? That’s mostly what’s available in my country…..

George Soros says:

We need a 2016 version please

Chilliams says:

I smoke with Dr. Dabber!

Milkdrink3r says:

I’ll stick to my Flavrx pen lol the cartridges are very good and not even expensive

ceeloc says:

Do these work with oils?

Michelle Dwyer says:

Can you please do a review about Quanta. I have been hearing about it everywhere and it seems very interesting.

DazedMMJ87 says:

I use the CloudPen. Haven’t had any trouble so far.


My snoop pen broke within a month lol

CrpytoConcurrency says:

Nice I’ll most definitely have to pick at least one of these up as I’ve been wanting to make the switch from smoke to vapor.

Jeff Lane inkpen says:

Can you smoke hash in this bitch?

tmcfootball96 says:

no atmos rx junior??

Steady Headies says:

Check out the source orb 3!!!

Alex AJ-EZ Fluker says:

Grenco Science 4Life

M. F. Jr. says:

Why did they test only one pre-filled oil cartridge and shouldn’t it have been in a different test category, High Times can you do a top 5 or 10 pre-filled cartridge test.

Kacey Chance says:

I got a simple $19 battery and bubble from eBay and it works fine. I’m not a dab connoisseur so I don’t need a $100 pen!

daniel gomez says:

can u use co2 oil in dis?

Mr. says:

very nice

Yvonne Melendez says:

For those of you looking for number 3 Daborizer, be sure to 1) not get the knockoff and 2) go to the actual bhopen site where you can get the e-liquid and dry herb chamber as add-ons. Hope this helps.

archy2frank2 says:

Mr Waxpen!

Jack Harry says:

TRIPPY STIX @ CHAINZ There’s only 1 left here for sale GET IT NOW

Carlos Campos says:

why cant i find this version of the daborizer with the flowers chamber and essential oils chamber anywhere if found please leave a link

theCUBE403 says:

youll notice how alot of different companies have the exact same unit save maybe the button and because they are specifically for a certain product they are significantly more than a e juice pen but are exactly the same… bullshit

Makai Clearwater says:

highly recommend the kandypen galaxy..wow! such good flavor using quarts instead of titanium. its like the quartz nail of dab pens. also has tempeture control.

Ruben Chain says:

if you love too fit .3 of oil into a chamber than this coil is perfect for it

iriegirl says:


Andre Reyes says:

I don’t give a fuck about how good the fucking wax tastes!

FrostuR says:

The STOK R Series is *easily* the best for the money, if not the best overall. It also comes with an extra atomizer, dope silicone jar and a mixing tool. ($50)

Fausto Lopez says:

witch one gives u fatter hits thats all i want

Flyhitta Oxnard CA says:

trippy stixx

WC says:

What’s the best under $50 for concentrate? Don’t trust High Times reviews.

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