Why is the JUUL so popular?


The JUUL by Pax has taken the industry by storm and revolutionized the vaping industry into what it is today. What’s so good about it? Find out here!


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lion lion says:

this device is a cancer causing silly stupid toy. fuck all the Canadians they are stupid ugly retarded mother fuckers cowerds fat disgusting pigs

Sauce In Tha City says:

I love my juul but I gas full time now and don’t really want to fuck up my heart with the juul, anybody know how much damage it already done? I’ve smoked for 4 months going through a pod a day 50% custom juice 50% Real juul pods, all 50 nic

Aleksander Moniewski says:


MickyAvStickyHands says:

It’s crazy after all the anti smoking shit imbedded into us that all it took was adding a charging dock to a cigarette and it got kids hooked right back on.

Pablo Oliva says:

I’m addicted to mine it’s best to stay away from it

Xaviera Yayaell says:

Never heard of it.

n3wbskillz activate says:

Y?….Kids can sneak it in school.
Sneak goes from 15 to 100 by the end of class.

slinky crown says:

You look like a fucking pussy

KEWB89 says:

I can only speak from my own personal experience, but I finally got around to getting into pod systems to see what all the hype was about. I bought an Aspire Breeze 2 ( which is a VERY highly rated device) along with a couple bottles of salt juices at 35 mg nicotine. I had considered the Juul, but the idea of having more flavor and nicotine strength options sold me on the Breeze instead. I’m a fairly experienced vaper and smoker, but the Breeze was killing me. Coughing fits with practically every puff. I still used it for a few days to see if I would get used to it, but it just didn’t happen. Found myself still smoking cigs when out and about and sub ohm vaping when at home. Fast forward to today, and I saw the Juul starter kit on sale for half off ($25 US), and I was a bit reluctant but decided to give it a try. Dear LORD what a difference. I’ll say this… Not quite as much flavor as the Breeze, but SO MUCH SMOOTHER. I can’t explain it given the fact that apparently these pods are 50mg nicotine vs the 35 I was using with the Breeze, but for some reason they were just so much smoother and nicer. Again, I can only speak from my experience but I can finally see myself quitting cigarettes altogether with the combination of the Juul and my sub ohm devices. Pretty much everybody else doesn’t seem to have a problem with other pod systems but if you’re like me and can’t seem to get into them, I’d recommend not to get turned off entirely and give the Juul a try.

Yung dum says:

Stuff like this is so stupid

Stephen Miller says:

Don’t smoke but your information was very informative

Eric Dasfuehrer says:

Its popular because is 5% nicotine salt. You’ll go from 1 a day to 2 very quickly. Expensive and the pods are small. Refilling?? Lol nope. They’ll leak all over and fry your device. Rip off folks. You’ll go from fighting a cigarette addiction to a juul addiction. Find another way. You’re trying to quick smoking which the nicotine is the core element that feeds the addiction. The juul delivers 5x more nicotine levels to the blood stream. Juul is profiting on your new found addiction. Just my .02.

Randy McAllister says:

Its just more annoying version of vaping


Faze banks smokes juul

8zR - MC says:

Vaping is extremely gay

ThePParadigm says:

Drug addict

Sous le Soleil says:

*Help! Desperate search!*

I’m looking for the lightest e-cigarette on the market, battery no bar, but there seems to be a global conspiracy to hide the weight facts of every single e-cigarette on the market. What’s going on?! Let me also add: I am looking for something roughly the shape of a real cigarette, not a box or cube. It’s for someone with small, fragile hands, who likes to hold the cigarette a little longer than most people, and currently has a regular V2. Unfortunately the V2 is too heavy due to being made of metal and must be set down between puffs!

تفريكة-Tafrika says:

In tunisia no one know juul soo i can show it to my family and teacher and i will say this is a bubblegum

Sam says:

You just wasted 35 seconds of my life with that intro.

Anuradha Ranasinghe says:

It’s not so expensive in USA

Stephani Schiren says:

Just got a Juul today. I got the device and charger and 2 packs of pods, so 8 pods total (did not get the starter kit). And i paid $54 with tax included. This is in U.S. currency btw.

marshall austin says:

juul pods are refillable…js

Crusading Kebab Remover says:

Just smoke cigerettes you fucking pansies.

Big_nut_gaming says:

You can refil pods

Davy Jones says:

holy hipster

singhatar0912 says:

Dude the Juul is like just a stress free usb… I love ripping that thing in class, if you’re a college student I know you’ve been there. Shits stressful, hence the name “stress free usb”

Dr.jellybean Do Do says:

That’s why u get a fitkit breh

Defter Official says:

its a very satisfying vaper to use

Sebastian Thurmond says:

You can refill juul easy just take the top off and the rubber piece and put your juice in it

Spehov says:

Whats the name of the song at the beginning?

Gasser Hashem says:

Its not that popular tbh

mike taram` says:

What’s wrong with your nose bro

Abraham Kobke says:

“I was going out for a trip and I left all my vapes at the office”
lol alright buddy. sure, we believe you.

xXxCARELESSxXxz says:

i prefer a big ass glass water bong and some weed xD wtf is this shit xD

Sam WallaceJr says:

I smoke a juul like over 100 times really, and I git that shit during school before and after class

Anuradha Ranasinghe says:

I have tried taking nicotine gums to patches to normal vaping but none of them have me the satisfaction of cigarettes. But when I tried juul it was better than a cigarette. Now I haven’t smoked in a long time

Good Guy says:

why jew pods so expensive??

When I'm Depressed says:

kids smoking fucking bath salt XDDDDDD

bearatts says:

How come this guy looks like an amalgamation of every douchebag that’s ever Vaped?

Kevin Neff says:

You mentioned it utilized nic salt, told me how long it’s been on the market, advertised it’s cost, and even broke it down with a comparison, however, I’m still left wondering why it’s so popular?

Jorlando says:

Juuling is for gays

John Townstead says:

It’s small and convenient along with a decent battery life, pods aren’t hard to refill and you can get 5 refills per pod. The juul flavors aren’t too bad and the generic ones have flavors that juul doesn’t.

Dan C says:

I paid $26 cdn and $14 cdn for pods here in Ontario I bought them online

Joe Stogner says:

Yea it’s really great if you are a nooby teenager.

SCOUT says:

Its overpriced garbage get a mipod

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