White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Review – In depth review of all starter kits

A complete review of the White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarette Variety Starter Kit- I review all batteries and provide, in-depth, a look at the cartridges,wh equipment and their powerful Cirrus 3X battery- Check out the Video Vapor Test using their shotgun tips (vape 3 ecigs at once) – finally, I provide and my overall rating and ranking. A complete written review can be found on my website www.smokenjoey.com


Mojtaba Khalili says:

Hello ! could you tell me please which brand produces ticker vapor, which brand has best battery life and which brand’s cartridge produces real cigarette experience? I have blucigs , southbeachsmoke , V2cigs and EONsmoke ! blucig’s battery life is awful . southbeachsmoke’s classic tobacco doesn,t taste like real cigarette and has battery issue too , . V2cigs cartridges are garbage , EONSmoke produces most tick vapor but battery life is not good .I !what is your favorite brand? Thank you

TheSmokenjoey says:

Hey kev, it is a li-po battery, i will see if i can get the specs. Thanks

TheSmokenjoey says:

I have heard of them but have not tested them- I will look into it – keep watching my website for upcoming reviews- thanks for your comment

TheSmokenjoey says:

thanks anthony– live and learn– i think prices everywhere will keep dropping — keep vaping

TheSmokenjoey says:

Hi shawn, The white cloud ecig batteries are the cig alike size. They are basically a little larger diameter than a regular cig but much smaller than the ego size batteries. Thanks

TheSmokenjoey says:

Thanks Steve- keep on vaping

j glad says:

I am a white cloud customer and recently went to green smoke because of white cloud has cleardraw 2 now, and are limited on flavors. I am hoping you can do a review on the cleardraw 2 carts, they have no filler now, and have 1ml of fluid, I had a batch that leaked in their new package and they leaked in my mouth, but they said they were faulty. They say now on their blog that the 2nd batch has no issues, but others are still complaining, and I think the people should have an honest review since there are none on youtube for cleardraw 2. I left reviews and blogged on their site, but they were never posted, all reviews and blogs are moderately considered. I love white cloud, but it seems they are going cheap, even though e liquid is from USA and carts are filled in USA, carts I believe are assembled in china.

joyceann011 says:

I found the Zero cig to have a hard pull and I had to work to get a good hit. To be fair Zero cig read my review about this, emailed me and told me both of my batteries must have been defective, that in itself was a red flag to me, both of my kit batteries were defective? The regular tobacco cartomizer has a really good taste though.

TheSmokenjoey says:

Thanks Cat- Let us know in the forum how you like it– thanks

TheSmokenjoey says:

Hey fecoinc- I have been using mods and will slowly start to review them- but want to keep reviewing the starter kits for the new folks of vaping. I have done the evic albeit it is more of a beginners video– thanks

TheSmokenjoey says:

I will put them on my list. Try gingers ejuice and refill you empty carts or use it to fill one of my kanger m3 cleros, go to my website smokenjoey,com – thanks

TheSmokenjoey says:

they can be refilled if you want to – pop off the top cap and refill- I have and it works pretty well– thanks

mmanda515 says:

and…… to check ’em out— take a look at the FLING disposable they offer. I’d assume it’s the same amount in the carto & a much cheaper way to try a brand before diving in.. =) Good luck

JiinX says:

Does the Smoth Draw Cartridge allow use of Juice? I ask because I dont see any Juice on their site unlike other sites.

100percentGetDatCash says:

Smoken Joey, your reviews are great but can you do a review on stog ecigs? They seem to be the closest to in taste to a real cig from the reviews. I smoke menthol analogs. Most menthol ecigs tastes like mouth wash or peppermint which is not what I want. I end up going back to analogs menthols. Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

stevemal2001 says:

Great review, I look forward to all of your reviews! Nice touch with the bloopers at the end!

JiinX says:

The ecig I have produces good vapor (my father who got me on ecigs has a $50 ecig which is better… but still not good enough). I want good vapor and throat hit. I smoke menthol so I get this everytime I smoke a real cig. I smoke L&M also. I need a ecig that looks like a cig (pencil battery) has thick vapor and good throat hit. I notice the juice doesnt really make the throat hit since my dads $50 ecig gives better throat hit than mine with the same juice. I thought I had found that ecig 🙁

michael b says:

hey smokenjoey i have cirrus3x the pg in wc sucks i think i was getting sick off of white clouds pg.there flavors are not that great and i dont know if its because of type of pg they use.

Jace Beleren says:

your amazing smoking joey

Anthony Tanchak says:

Joey, I have noticed that their prices dropped even more since your review.. Only 1 kit is over $100 and that is the Phantom Kit (this comes with all black batteries, a squid charger and a membership card). Guess they are learning their lesson and not pricing themselves a out of the game…

TheSmokenjoey says:

I have tested the fling- the price is good (for a disposable) and taste and throat hit are equal to their ecig kits- they have many flavors and nicotine levels– I would rate them thumbs up for their disposables– havent tried the phantom but you can buy the phantom cartridges if you like– if you do let me know what you think– thanks sj

mmanda515 says:

Have you done a review on their “Fling” &/or Phantom yet? I try to keep up w/ your site- but haven’t seen those from yet when it comes to White Cloud.. I’ve heard good things about them both… but really trust your opinion most. =)

TheSmokenjoey says:

Check out my website smokenjoey,com for the latest rankings and reviews- I think this may answer your questions- thanks

TheSmokenjoey says:

some people has issues with PG- you may want to switch over to VG– I have used the white clouds cartridges for several weeks and did not notice any difference between the PG formula than other ecigs have. Keep me posted and thanks

JiinX says:

Nevermind. I found the answer in their FAQ. The Smooth Draw Cartridges are not recommended to be refilled. For this reason, I am going to continue looking elsewhere. I really like this ecig and the price is good especially 30% off through a coupon site… but not being able to refill bites. I wish I could try it to see how long the carts will last me.If I go through 1 a day… its 4.35 per pack I smoke about 10 cigs a day. ive noticed I smoke ecigs more but the 1 I have was $12 and is no name.

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