Vuse vs V2 vs NJOY: Best Most Realistic Cigalike E-Cigarettes

Comparison of V2, NJOY and VUSE electronic cigarettes, which to me are the most realistic of the rechargeable mini e-cigs.

V2 Website:
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Syler Moser says:

what about Blu

R/C Gio says:

My vuse has become hard to draw. Is there anyway to clean it? Have you come across this?

Dwayne Mertz says:

How do you charge the v2?

Anupam Sircar says:

I looked at V2 site to find out how long a battery lasts. Not the life between recharges but the life of a battery in months or years for a moderate user taking 60-70 puffs a day. The information was not there. Then I asked their customer support but got a very evasive reply. Can anyone tell me? Thanks in advance.

Dany Snow says:

Menthol – V2 HAS THE BEST MENTHOL. Don’t waste your time on Vuse or NJOY, they don’t come close. I first tried V2 because they had it at the gas station and I was sold. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to the real thing. Now I buy online so I can order a lot at once. Also, they have great sales on menthol!!!

Mr Messy says:

I want to get myself a PCC, but it seems like those things are going out of fashion now 🙁

My Name says:

I’ve got a vuse, V2 EX, and Cig2o. Vuse is nice because it’s very strong and me being previous heavy smoker. 2 cartridges a pack and a bit pricey sucks for Vuse. Plus the cartridges pop off easy and get lost. Vuse has no step down to quitting being made by R.J Reynolds. Cig2o is very cigarette realistic and reasonably priced but weak for me even at 18mg. V2 has a lifetime guarantee, excellent website and lot she of options and accesseries. I prefer V2 overall personally. When in a pinch like now, ordered V2 cartridges a wk ago and now out and can only be bought online. Picking up a couple vuse cartridges to get me by till then. Vuse has 4 or 5 flavors. V2 a bit more depending on your vape selection. May be looking into a mod soon. It’s still a costly habit but from 2+ packs a day of 22 years, I’m 8 days smoke free.

xtremproductions3 says:

What size is that v2 small or regular ?

flaco_520 says:

forgot a Jak ecig its shaped like a actual cigarette but the frame is plastic and its disposable too

Pao Xiong says:

blu hater?

Eevie H says:

Mine doesn’t light up at all but it still works…Is that a bad thing?

Mike C says:


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