Vuse electronic cigarette review

My review on the vuse electronic cigarette. Kentucky. 1-10 ( Rated – 7 1/2 )


Mrnasio YT says:

This is guy is stoned

joe perez says:

Say bro. Are u high. Lol

Logical wellness says:

Heroin is a hell of a drug

Jason Jason says:

lol good review

Natural83 says:

Dude. You look high as a kite lol but nice review

Trump Is Coming says:

You smoke good weed… I can tell

Ashley Morello says:

Dude your battery only lasted “3 hours” cus they come pre-charged when you bought it. I literally made the exact menthol flavor ecig you are smoking and reviewing right now. I work at the manufacturing plant who makes 100% of the VUSE ecig cartridges. 3.5 million dollar machines and robots to make all the fillings inside the cartridges and 2 million dollar machines to fill them with the flavors. so for one, the menthol flavors don’t last “the longest” as we make ALL flavors the same.
You’re high as a kite, you live with your parents so you’re not even old enough to smoke these. When you’re old enough to make a real review and not stoned, please post one. a shit ton of engineering goes into making these things more than you can EVER imagine. Seriously. A lot of time and effort goes into making the machines perform better and the VUSE tasting better for our customers.

Byron Flores says:

he looks high lol

Brianna Melgoza says:

Send me a caretiarege

gunnar hansen says:

Can u refill the cartridge??

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