VAPOR-LOK E-Cigarette Holder Review / Universal Holder for Vapes in Cars.

Vapor-Lok eCig holder review.


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Jonathan King says:

Sexy review

You Vape Too says:

Oh Zophie, you are just a delight, love your videos, could watch them for hours!

The Spectre says:

Neat idea that frees up the cup holders!

justinseay34 says:

Lol. You crack me up Zophie

Joe Connor says:

Looks great to me

Feisar1976 says:

I just store my device in a dice cup made from leather in one of the car cup holders 🙂

bweaty Fingy says:

I think… this might just be… the best review of anything EVER! In the history not just of mankind. But the universe in general.

John Gilmer says:


lobotomycase says:

have you seen my stapler?

Noah Vapes Too says:

If only Zophie shopped at the Publix I work at lol

Free Bird says:

Nothing better then a good flap! Thanks Zophie nice review!

ElegoMall says:

Nice demonstration Zophie
It is a quite nice product, like a baby seat for ecig tho.
Making vape product won’t be rolling over inside the car.

Thumb up for this.

Jokester says:

LOL well played Zophie

Robert Dunham says:

Hands free so you could paint some… ( happy little clouds)

ronda ward says:

I have one and I love it!! I feel safer driven. I’m not fumbling around trying to find it or getting juice all over the place. My cup holders are cup holders now – Route 66 Baby!!! and my Starbucks Whoot Woo!!! It’s durable as H— . I give this holder a 10!!!!!!

Chuckin Trucker says:

The way you said “too big” has me feeling some type of way!

Eugene Human says:

nifty gadget…

Anthony Aiello says:

I love your videos Zophie ,you made me laugh so hard with the eye shadow and the stapler !!!

Maged Sabbagh says:


bull1ttproof says:

LMFAO funny af 🙂

liquidflorian says:

Thanks for Czech-ing it out for us, Zophie.

Miguel Alvarez says:

I love the way she said .. shove it right in. Lol

Robert Dunham says:

Hands free so you could paint some… ( happy little tree’s.)

ask doctorjim says:

Now that’s a proper review…. Specially in the car hahahahahaha. Awesome

Dusa Bence says:

i would call your channel “No Emotional Vaper”

Sarkazz Vapes says:

pretty cool!

Alpha Veuliah says:

Good review as always Zophie. Thanks. BTW look at this – TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition *

Robert Dunham says:

Hands free so you could paint some… ( happy little tree’s.)

Andrea Siegmeyer says:

You crack me up. Thanks for the fun review

Jay Dee says:

What was that tiny red mod?

Robert Dunham says:

Hands free so you could paint some… ( happy little clouds)

Coleman Remington says:

I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. In more ways than one. Thank you very much!

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